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Insensitive spot on my back became much smaller

Marianne Agterdenbos, bronze Akaija

marianne2145Her whole life she has a large area the size of two hands in the middle of her back that is numb.
“You can prick me there, pinch, squeeze, whatever, but it hardly hurts. It doesn’t bother me, I’m used to it,” she explains. I’ve tried all Akaija’s, the silver, golden and the bronze one, but because I did so many things and I feel well, it is hard to tell exactly what the Akaija does for me. But this is remarkable. After wearing the bronze Akaija for about two weeks, this numb spot has decreased in size to about the size of two thumbs wide. She had her feeling back nearly everywhere, which she never had.

Since Marianne is my partner (Wim, the maker of the Akaija), we experiment a lot with the Akaija. Marianne exchanged the bronze Akaija for the silver one, and later for a golden one, and again for the bronze one. A half a year of experimenting we can safely conclude that the numb spot did not disappear completely, but also that it hasn’t increased back to the size it once was. It now remains the size it is: about 2 of 3 inches in diameter.

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