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I’m very grateful for Linda to give us this

Lya, silver Akaija

My first acquaintance with the Akaija was enough to buy it right away. I held this jewel in my hand, though it was still attached to a chain around someone’s neck and felt a light tingling. That was enough: I also had financial problems at the time, so I could not really afford an Akaija. I did buy one for my daughters birthday as a present. But it wasn’t her birthday until another 4 weeks, so meanwhile I had it.
First I got queasy, dizzy… and in no time that all disappeared and I feel good, wonderful and I didn’t take it off anymore. In fact it gets better and therefore I decided to buy another one, now for my daughter. Yes, I kept the other one.
Meanwhile I get questions and remarks from people that I have such a lovely and special pendant, and they ask how I got it. When I tell them what the Akaija accomplishes they stare at me in surprise. So I explain to them about the energies starting to flow again. What more do we want! I know your girlfriend Linda passed the Akaija on to you, and I am very thankful to her for giving us such a wonderful gift. I wish you good luck. A warm, loving greeting from Lya.

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