Marianne Agterdenbos is an experienced therapist NAET (Allergy Elimination Technique) and Biophoton Therapy. She and Wim form Akaija & Art


The karigars of RiyoGems (Jaipur, India) cast and finish the silver Akaija’s and Two Roads jewellery.

Eliza White Buffalo

Eliza White Buffalo

Eliza White Buffalo is a medium in Nothern Ireland. She’s the author of the Two Roads trilogy. We are very connected to her, because of a beautiful sequence of events, arranged by Spirit that brought us together. Her project is the Two Roads project, which relates to Oneness and Christ Consciousness. We designed the Two Roads pendant (an old symbol) in its current shape. For extensive information go to our Two Roads pages, or… even better… visit her own website

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Yvonne Baank is our friend and psychic, whom we know for many years.

Kerstin Simoné

Kerstin Simoné is a channel for Thoth, the Egyptian script. But he’s much more than that. Germany

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Rainer Wemhöner – among others Rainer’s a coach, healer and astrologer. Germany.

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Geomantica is Alanna Moore’s website. She co0founder of the Australian Dowsing Society.
Geomantica promotes dowsing consciousness, Geomantics, Eco-awareness and Harmony with our planet Earth.

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Heavenletters is an incredible beautiful project of Gloria Wendroff and the ‘Heavenletter Administration’ as she sometimes puts it, publishing letters that were given to her by God.
Hard to believe? Well, check it out for yourself and start reading, if it’s only one of these letters…
This has nothing to do with religion, but with spirituality in its purest form. Here’s a link to one of the letters, which are sent to subscribers all over the world on a daily basis, in many languages: The Greatest Relationship.
By the way… Gloria and some volunteers wear an Akaija 🙂


Products / Websites we are connected with and that we recommend by own experience

Grab your Grape

Dietrich Vastenburg (biophoton-therapist and so a colleague of Marianne) and Ben Nordeman are the main distributor of polyphine capsules, which contain an important ingredient of red wine that has proven to be a very good support for (amoung others) the functioning of the heart. They have many testimonials supporting this.

  • Grape Your Grape Polyphine
    Beneficial effect on the cardiovascular system

    Red wine grape extract polyphenols with resveratrol, OPCs, flavonols and enriched with natural vitamin C and B1.
  • Grab Your Krill Omega-3
    Contributes to the normal function of the heart

    Omega-3 Krill Oil with EPA, DHA and astaxanthine.


Awareness raising websites

Argusoog – Netherlands

Artiste Peintre, Marie Andree Herbert – Bienvenu dans mon jardin de fleurs de crystal

Overcoming Electrical Sensitivity – Gilligan Joy, has experience with many protection devices against EMF

Pateo – website of Johan Oldenka

Spiritueel Jouwpagina – spiritual startpage

Exquisite Crystals

Spiritual Jewellery



Geomantica – Alanna Moore, Australia

Paravisie – Netherlands

Spiegelbeeld – Netherlands

Nieznany Świat” – (vert. Unknown World) Poland

Frontier World – Frontier Science Magazin


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