No Woman No Cry

No Woman No Cry
Cervical Cancer was the reason to paint this

Schets No Woman No CryThis painting started when Marianne and I treated a friend of ours. who had cervical cancer. Marianne is a biophoton therapist and uses a device to measure on the meridian points on the hands and feet of her patients. If certain points are showing disharmonious readings she looks in her database for remedies. The type of remedy that matches then tells about the underlying problem. Normally the remedies are homeopathic frequencies, Bach Blossoms, Australian Bush Essences, etc. We already knew that the sketches and paintings I make are also capable of neutralizing disbalances.

Marianne and our friend were talking about the cancer and underlying causes. No cancer ever comes out of nothing. Physical causes are the first things that can be found, but below that there’s a deeper hidden layer, always related to certain issues on a soul level. On the long term the body starts showing signs of an illness that deteriorates if nothing is done, or can be done to eliminate the hidden problem.
For our friend we knew that her cancer was related to trauma’s during her own birth, which in a way repeated themselves during the birth of her son. That was the topic of the conversation when I suddenly got an idea and made a rough sketch on a piece of paper.

The next week I made this painting.

No Woman No Cry

The music of Bob Marley and his popular song ‘No Woman No Cry‘ is very important, as he says: ‘Every thing’s gonna be allright’, repeating that over and over again.

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