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Friends tested a Bovis-value of 85,000…

Willy, silver Akaija

When I received the Akaija I put it on a necklace. As mentioned on the phone I’m a Reiki master, so I was very curious. I liked it right away. Within 10 minutes I felt queasy and got a headache. The next day (at night) I put it away, sad and angry, felt headaches again and I could imagine not putting it on again. I didn’t give in to that and after a few days I felt better and better. This morning friends of mine working with ley-lines tested its Bovis-value. They found readings of over 85.000 Bovis, which is pretty high. They too were surprised, yet not really after looking at the fluent curves. Also they thought the Merkaba to be present within. The Merkaba represents the 2 worlds, here and above. According to them this is a constructive energy. Very beautiful. Many thanks for this beautiful jewel.

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