Akaija for Gaia

Tilted Equator and Akaija-Iloa

Akaija for Gaia is a project with the aim to visit the 5 different anchor points of the so-called Tilted Equator of Antiquity and to report our findings online. The anchor points of this ring are the centers of 5 other rings that together form a gigantic Akaija-Iloa around the world. By connecting these points with each other and bringing people living at these locations into contact with each other, we hope to re-activate the energy of the We are One on Earth through this ring.

Akaija-Iloa met punten

1. Aneityum (red dot)
2. Angkor
(purple dot)
3. The Great Pyramid
(blue dot)
4. Piri Reis’ island
(green dot)
5. Eester Island
(yellow dot)

1st Anchor point Aneityum (Vanuatu – Pacific)

In 2012 we visited the first point: the island Aneityum of the island republic Vanuatu, ± 1000 km north of New Zealand.

What we found
1. the name ‘Akaija’ comes from Aneityum and means ‘we all’
2. Aneityum is exactly in line between Angkor and Easter Island
3. The traditional government system of Aneityum shows a symbol that fits exactly over the lines of the anchor point
4. In the language of Aneityum there is a link with the language of the Dogon in Africa (which also live on the tilted equator).

Read or download the full PDF story of our trip ‘Aneityum – Back to the Roots’.

2nd Anchor point Angkor (Cambodia)

In 2018 we visited the second point: the temple complex Angkor in Cambodia, as well as the temples of Sukothai in Thailand. In Angkor we spoke with a Tourguide and Cambodia expert who is in contact with almost all other guides in Angkor.

What we found
1. Angkor is exactly in line between Aneityum and the Great Pyramid in Egypt.
2. The traditional stars used in Cambodia during the Khmer New Year’s festival are hung up in the streets and all houses in mid-April are near replicas of the Akaija-Iloa including the invisible Tilted Equator Ring and symbolize the 5 central towers of Angkor Wat surrounded by the Universe.
3. The bas-relief The Churning of the Ocean of Milk (‘Samudra Manthan’ in Hindi or ‘Samuk Teuk Dos’ in Khmer language) can be explained as the way from duality back to unity consciousness.

4th Anchor point (close to Cape Verde)

What we found
We didn’t ‘find’ anything on Cape Verde. Instead we experienced something really special… an ancient incarnation resurfacing, because of energy of Atlantis was reactivated on soil Cape Verde.

Wim and Marianne share their personal experiences, which are a unique personal view on the final days of Atlantis, what happened and why, and how these events influenced Wim in this modern time.

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