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This page is to share experiences from people who wear the Akaija, a unique silver or golden pendant that is a tool, a jewel, a symbol, a message to mankind and it even relates to a ring of ancient sites around the world.


Cat Abbie overcomes distant behaviour towards her kittens <read>
The Akaija helps you to be yourself <read>
Since I have the Akaija I feel stronger <read>
The Akaija has confronted me with myself <read>
Since I started wearing the Akaija I feel more centered <read>
I sleep like a rock and only wake up for going to the toilet <read>
Normally I would panic and feel very bad <read>
I experienced a spontaneous soul retrieval <read>
What? No more diabetes? What do you mean? <read>
First I felt nothing. Then I hung it around my neck… <read>
Herewith I want to thank you very much! <read>
Very special!!! <read>
The Akaija became awfully hot in my hands… <read>
Bought it against electromagnetic radiation <read>
Booly Wooly-Akaija-too <read>
The Akaija protects me against too many stimulants from outside <read>
Lifelong she had cold hands and feet. No more! <read>
Since wearing the Akaija Josh (7) hasn’t been agressive at all!<read>
I enjoy my Akaija very much! <read>
I’m very very grateful to Linda for such a marvellous gift <read>
We should place a huge Akaija in front of the White House! <read>
The Akaija is like an anchor to me <read>
The insensitive spot on my back started to disappear <read>
Since she has the Akaija she feels so much more merrier <read>
My blood pressure stabilised <read>
No stomach-, head- and backaches anymore during my period <read>
Says he feels stronger than before <read>
No migraine and stomach aches anymore shortly before my period<read>
The Akaija helps keep my energy balanced <read>
My body lets me know faster if what I’m doing is good for me <read>
Me life is gaining momentum <read>
Has more attention for what’s going on around him <read>
Had lots of pain, needed the strongest pain killers <read>
Consumer of loads of aspirins, saying: “I feel good, very good” <read>
It’s like magic! <read>
I can stand on one leg again! <read>
I have become a happier and different woman <read>
I’m impressed with this <read>
The Akaija drove me mad at first… <read>
The Akaija’s Bovis-value is over 85.000… <read>
I haven’t slept for 3 nights and days <read>
The teacher says he’s more open and less anxious <read>
The Akaija helps her at night <read>
It doesn’t help me, so is my experience <read>
14. Tell us your experiences! <read>

Abbie overcomes distant behaviour towards her kittens (silver Akaija)


Abbie is a mothercat living in Emmerich, Germany, with her human ‘owner’ Kirsten, who is very fond of Holy Birmans. Because Abbie had some minor health problems she got an Akaija to wear.

When Abbie had 5 kittens to care for in autumn 2008, the vet told Kirsten that Abbie should not wear the Akaija, because her kittens might get entangled in the chain.

From that moment on Abbie became very depressive, sat down in a corner and acted very distant, even reluctant towards her kittens.
After 2 days Kirsten decided that Abbie should wear her Akaija again and immediately she changed back into the caring mothercat again.
One of Abbies kittens has got a special name: Akaija.

Remark: This story is not on itself… we’ve heard an exact copy of this story at another occasion with a Dutch cat.

Btw… did you know that we have special discount arrangements for pets? Sometimes we have Akaija’s that are not suitable to sell (due to minor imperfections in the finish).

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Adriana: The Akaija helps you to be yourself (silver Akaija)

The Akaija lets you drop your masks, and makes your genuine truth flow again. Me it gives a great feeling around my head, like an aureole, and makes my crown tingle. It teaches me to be ‘silent’ and to live like a river, with its natural changes in the way ahead to the Big Ocean. It makes me feel my own absolute truth and lets me go of formerly created ego that has done its job and now can be released from my body.
In short, it makes you be your full Self, an added value, not absolute, but a companion to your self-realisation. So you can see it as an independent, special jewel, created and ‘made’ in Love.
Thank you Wim

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Anna: Since I have the Akaija I feel stronger (silver Akaija)

I wanted you to know that since I’m wearing the Akaija I feel stronger (I’m a child of this new time and therefore extra sensitive). The first 2 days (nights) I had so much energy that I couldn’t sleep at all, where I usually fall asleep with no problems at all. Ever since I’m wearing it I feel much better. And after 2 years of applying for a job I have found a new job!
Also I did find a new education that makes me happy. I can now make decisions much easier and set out my borders concerning people around me. I very grateful for this and I hope many people will enjoy their Akaija. I certainly don’t want to put it off.

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Annette: the Akaija has confronted me with myself (silver Akaija)

So many questions came and I started looking for answers using NLP.
The worst was that I almost blamed the Akaija for my ever faster returning periods of dizziness, making me wonder if I would collapse. I didn’t grasp the fact that I was confronted with my biggest fear: to die. Shortly before my daughter Devie was born, I thought I’d rather go ‘home’ and to my parents.
And when I nearly thought of going… I discovered I wanted to be here! To live, learn, grow, share my knowledge with others, paying of my karma.
So I started hyperventilating and that I still didn’t recognize this as something that I repeated every now and then during my whole life. And no doctor thought about this. But well, the Akaija certainly caused things to change… especially my values… and things keep changing.
I went inward, to my centre, and I started rebuilding. Who I am, what I want, what I feel and how I can learn to grow, and to share this with others.

Note from Wim: Annette has lost her parents at a young age and now ownes a website, together with her sister (www.zonderouders.nl), to give openness to this issue, making it possible for others to tell their story. As a matter of fact… the Akaija was born out of such a process.

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Barbara: I feel more centered (silver Akaija)

Since I started wearing the Akaija I feel more centered within my physical body, not being overwhelmed by mood-swings and other nasty (mostly mental) discomforts. Last Sunday and Monday I didn’t have it with me and on those days I experienced an attack of heavy collywobbles and diarrhoea. Fact is, whether it has to do with the Akaija or not, that on Tuesday I had my Akaija again, and all pain and discomfort were gone. I will certainly keep wearing my Akaija, sometimes on my necklace, and sometimes in my pocket. To me it’s not only a beautiful jewel, but also an excellent support in my life.
Greetings, Barbara

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Claire: Only wakes up for going to the toilet (silver Akaija)

I wear my Akaija for a few months now and I identified myself with it. Normally I sleep very light and wake up several times during the night. Now I sleep like a rock and only wake up to see the toilet. During the day I have more energy. Also I have less complaints about cold feet. Besides this I get the impression that people react nicer to me!? Alas my back age, with side effects like Ischias and muscle pains in my back and shoulders, hasn’t changed. But I would like the idea to wear other jewellery now and then, so I think it’s a good idea to put the Akaija in your pocket then.

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Cleo: Normally I would panic and feel very bad (silver Akaija)

I received my Akaija for my birthday and I wanted to let you know how I’m doing! I’m very happy with the Akaija! Lots of people were intrigued by it, everyone loves it and they are very interested. Since I started wearing it (last Sunday) I feel like a new person: How I noticed this is through my new job. I had to start working fulltime time this week and it’s very chaotic and stressful (we face 2 major deadlines next Monday), but I am able to remain very calm and centred. Normally I would panic and feel very bad, but this is not the case since I have the Akaija! Wow… what a relief.

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Dawn: I experienced a spontaneous soul retrieval (silver Akaija)

Akira Dawn has a special and informative website, ‘Awakening with Dawn’, where you can follow classes and read very interesting articles. She has a lot of personal experiences with health issues (rheumatoid arthritis) and found her own way in overcoming and fighting these problems in the harmonic, natural way, since regular doctor stuff didn’t help her anything (now where have we heard this before :-)?. She has a mailing list you can tune in to: The Daily Spark, for inspirational sparks that make you go ‘hmmm’, sent out each weekday. After buying an Akaija, she spontaneously dedicated one Daily Spark to the Akaija. Here’s the text…

What you are looking at is a remarkable piece of jewelry, formed of silver. It can be briefly compared to a Merkaba in that its purpose is to create a field of a particular frequency around the wearer, but that’s where the similarities end.
I had the honor of purchasing one of these! It happened synchronistically, as the best of things tend to. I never would have bought it just straight out random sight unseen (It’s $80), but many amazing things happened to bring the purchase about. Signs, you might call them.
And the first night I wore it? I experienced a spontaneous soul retrieval – the retrieval that sparked all of this physical therapy and work I’ve been doing that’s so changing my life for the better, recently. 🙂 I had locked away a part of myself when my parents died, unable to handle it all, and that part just came back. 🙂
For me, the particular frequency this form creates is one of a return to authentic self in connection with all that is. A return to wholeness. One woman was so blown away by the experience she created a YouTube movie about it (I can see why – I’m creating this about it, lol 🙂 ). You can see the movie here.
Am I saying go out and buy one right away? No… (it’s not like I’m getting referral fees – it’s just that awesome. 😉 ) I’m saying, let it come into your awareness that such a thing exists. You can go to their site, at the link above, and see the symbol and ponder the ideas it represents. Even that, in itself, is healing. If you feel led to buy one, go for it! 🙂 It is 100 times more powerful wearing it, in person.
*hugs!* 🙂 – Dawn

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Mieke & her cats: What? No more diabetes? What do you mean? (silver Akaija)

Mieke has sent us an albeit long, but especially beautiful story about her own experiences and those of her elderly cat. You can read the shortened version below.

Hey Wim,

The Akaija has been in my possession for a pretty long time by now. It even moved with us to our new cozy home. The FAQ wasn’t nearly as extensive as it is now. It for example didn’t state anything yet about deformations or a “temporary aversion” to wearing the Akaija or experiences with cats. (remark by Wim: “for more information read this text in the FAQ on the Dutch section of our website. You’ll need Google Translate for now as it’s not translated into English… yet :-)”)

When I received my Akaija and started wearing it, I felt a lot better. I slept better and was a lot less fatigued. I was very happy with it and grateful that it had popped into my life. One morning however, after wearing it for a good while, my Akaija was completely deformed. I was baffled by it, didn’t understand it at all and was even a bit disappointed. Anyway, I decided to “fix it” to the best of my abilities and reshaped it. Which turned out to be completely pointless. Because the next morning, yes you guessed it, same old story, deformed, again. On top of that I started to get a dislike towards wearing it. I began questioning why it only turned in one direction, even though I knew it was about “reversing energies”. “If it only goes in one direction, I’ll definitely get stuck. Right???”, I thought to myself. I started wondering if the Akaija was right for me at all and the thought persisted that it really should have been made bidirectional. I stopped wearing it at night. And then one day… I put it in my jewelry case. And there it rested, asleep, for a long while.

Until… Last week, out of the blue, I encountered a picture of the Akaija. Surprised I thought:”Hey, I remember that thing!”.

I’ve only very recently purchased some Miracle Cloths (you can’t just go out and buy those here in Belgium, if you want them you’ve got to find a webstore that’ll ship it to you 🙂 ) and figured:”Hmm, maybe I should clean my Akaija with my new cloth…”. After the thought, came the action. I took it out of my jewelry box, the poor thing was completely dull. So I cleaned it, rinsed it with some water and buffed it with a micro-fibre cloth. It looked a whole lot happier after that. I put it on a brand new string and popped it over my head around my neck.

Then I decided to visit your site again and started reading, since my interest got piqued once more.

I noticed the FAQ was a lot more elaborate than what I remembered. I read about deformed Akaija’s, about people that didn’t want to wear it any more, etc. Which all sounded ‘vaguely’ familiar. 😉 But I also read about how to clean it, which I had already done by then, except blowing through it that is. And I read stories about cats that benefited from the Akaija. And last but not least, I encountered the Akaija Iloa:”Hey, there’s a bidirectional Akaija after all! Cool!”. It didn’t take me long to make a decision and without much hesitation I ordered one from your shop.

And after that? … Well after that, an incredibly hectic weekend began.

MollyFriday, right around midnight, Molly, one of our senior lady felines (15 years old) became really ill. She had released her bowels and had vomited all over the room, she could barely make the small jump onto the bed and started shaking and shivering and was completely disoriented and absent. We are so blessed with our vet. When I called her she instantly told us to come over and within 15 minutes we were on her doorstep.

The prognosis was bleak. She doubted if Molly would be able to experience the next morning. I took of her flea collar, figuring it would only get in the way. But then I got an impulse… I honestly can’t describe it better as “an impulse”, to take of my Akaija. I’d only just put it back on, I’d only just cleaned it, but I didn’t want it anymore. When I looked at it, a memory flashed in my mind about having read that it had helped cats before. After which I knew exactly what to do. I asked the vet for a pair of scissors. I could see the questions in her eyes, but she still handed me a pair. I cut a small part of the string, tied the Akaija to the flee collar and put the collar back around Molly’s neck.

“What is that?”, the vet asked me. “A lucky charm”, I responded whilst suppressing my tears. “I’m afraid she’ll need that”, she replied and gave me a smile that was comforting and sad at the same time. After the vet took her blood and put her on a drip and a heat pad and after we petted her for as long as we were allowed, we said goodbye to Molly. And left her with our vet, not knowing if we’d be able to see her again. To pet her again.

Every day I sang a Mantra to her and to Ping. Oh… Right… You don’t know Ping yet. Well, Ping is our very sweet and very tame male runner duck. He also decided to get sick the morning after having left Molly at the vets. But that a different story. For now I can reassure you and tell you that so far Ping is doing well on his road to recovery, so back to Molly. I received many updates from the vet. That Molly had been examined, that she had made it to the next morning, that she had acute renal failure, that she was getting a little better, that she had diabetes, that we’d have to give her 2 insulin shots a day from now on, and… and… and then… she no longer had diabetes.

What? No more diabetes? What do you mean?

Well, she had received an insulin injection to start normalizing her sugar levels, but instead her levels plummeted completely. “It usually takes several days to stabilize the blood sugar levels of a diabetic cat.”, the vet informed us:”This is unusual, I had to actually give her more sugar to stabilize her again! And her levels are now completely normalized… This is just not what you’d expect from a diabetic cat… So very strange… Because her blood work revealed diabetes for sure… Still her levels are back to normal… We’ll do another examination tomorrow ok?”.

Each day we were told that Molly was doing a little better again. That her kidney-values were also normalizing again. It started at 3,4, went to 2,7, to… Almost normal. That her sugar levels were still completely normal. That her overall health was well enough for her to come home. She will receive a specific diet for cats with renal issues from now on. Within two weeks she’ll go back for another check-up of her urine. And we still have to wait and see to find out how she’ll get through the coming weeks. Because when you can actually see renal failure in blood work, it means 70% of the kidneys have stopped functioning. 70%, that is a significant number. Still. Whilst I’m writing this, Molly is purring on my lap, with the akaija around her neck. The akaija is hers now. It is obvious to me that it was meant for her and that they belong together.

I do not know how long we’ll be allowed to keep her with us or if her symptoms will return. But right here, right now, she is still with us and we have been allowed to love her a little longer. This makes me incredibly grateful. An besides having used the mantra, there’s no doubt in my mind that the Akaija has helped her. So thank you, all of you, for making this little miracle-jewel.

Afterwards the vet suspected that Molly went through a stress related crisis, besides her kidneys letting her down. Significant stress though, that could be traced back to two weeks before that particular day in her blood work. Which is why the vet thought she was diabetic. It is still strange though, how this story played out. That I had decided to start wearing my Akaija again, after such a long while of it sleeping in the jewelry box. Literally a day or two before the whole hectic weekend. Talk about timing. 🙂

kind regards,

(Remark by Wim about the story… It is a bit optimistic to now conclude that an Akaija will work to cure diabetes. But… 🙂 because diabetes can sometimes be related to long term stress, ànd because you can’t always tell if and when a cat is being exposed to stress, there could in this case actually be a relation with the Akaija. An Akaija does reinforce and strengthen your energy-field, and because of this it may be able to help with stress induced diabetes. By the way, the other kitty-stories on this page are also stress related.)

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Elisabeth, Norway: First I felt nothing… (silver Akaija)

I thought I’d report my experience with the Akaija so far. I must say I did not expect to notice it working as directly as I have. When I picked it up out of the box, I felt nothing. Then I hung it around my neck, and within a minute or two, I felt vibrations coming from the area of my chest where the Akaija was hanging. I could feel the energy spread down my body and up into my neck and shoulders, and there was a sort of soreness in my skin, like the ache of sorrow. I tried moving the Akaija, and the focus of the vibrations followed. The next 2-3 days I was very aware all the time of where it was. My shoulder tightened when the Akaija fell on it.
The second day, I came home from work and removed it to have a shower. I put it back on and within a few minutes I felt the vibrations spreading down my body and up into my head, sort of turning me off and forcing me to fall asleep. I NEVER was able to sleep or have power naps at daytime except when I’m really unwell, but the Akaija completely switched me off, and I slept for 3-4 hours before I awoke to continue my evening.
I have noticed old feelings and issues coming up, and after feeling sorrowful for some days, I identified the ache in my chest as true sorrow that has been supressed.
The Spin stopped abruptly.
So far so good…Im looking forward to find out how it will continue to affect me. So far, Im baffeled and grateful!

Yours truly,

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Elsa, Netherlands: Herewith I want to thank you very much! (golden Akaija)

Dear Wim and Marianne, herewith I want to thank you very much for all the information, phone conversations and the wonderful Akaija! The golden one suits me very well and gives me strength during this really tough period of sleeplessness. I’m very grateful. I have copied the brochure of the Akaija and hand it out to people around me.
Much love and all the good with your work!

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Frank and Gerrie: Very Special!! (NL, therapists, silver Akaija)

We have been wearing the Akaija’s now for a few days and experience all the reactions you already mentioned. We all three feel these effects as very special. We would like to order some more Akaija’s for Gerrie’s other daughter (she wants one for her cat as well). She’s very eager to receive one after listening to our enthusiastic stories. I hope you manage to send them in time again.

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Gerrit: The Akaija became awfully hot (NL, silver Akaija)

He describes that the last time he held an Akaija in his hands, it became very hot. He compares it with ‘holding your hand above a burning candle’. Some time after that he started wearing an Akaija and this is what he told us about a week later: ” I experienced about the same as Toos: I felt I was going crazy. For a few days I was dead-tired and suffered minor pains, yet I felt happy and calm. Strange… I am experiencing extreme sleeping sessions, yet during the time I’m awake, I am bursting with energy. So… maybe this contradicts each other, but maybe I somehow have to get used to this. I will keep it in my breast-pocket for now and wait…”
He also describes he’s somewhat of a night-owl who prefers to sleep during daytime, working through the night, but it looks as if the Akaija is forcing him to change this pattern to a more natural way of life.
“I have been living my life this way for over 15 years now!” he complains. “And then such a tiny piece of silver comes telling me I should do things different. I’m not amused!” But with a smile.

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Gylfi (Iceland, Biophotonon-therapist, silver Akaija)
He bought the Akaija for his girlfriend suffering from electromagnetic radiation.

Hi hi Wim
This is Gylfi here, the first Icelandic to buy Akaija from you. I just wanted to inform you that my girlfreind has never been to spin inversion anymore, after she started wearing Akaija. It’s great news, and we are so happy it worked, thanks for this. Before this, there never went more then 2-3 days without spin-inversion, that she was out of spin after treatment whit the Starlight. So we are very thankful.:) )

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Hannah and her Granny: Booly Wooly Akaija too (B, silver Akaija)

Hannah is one of these kids that makes you wonder ‘now who’s raising who?’
When she saw the Akaija hanging around her grandma’s neck it immediately drew her attention and she knew instantly what is was and said: “Booly Wooly”. Apparantly she has seen her mother knitting sweaters instead of buying them in a shop. Her grandma smiled understandingly, but corrected her and said: “No, that is an Akaija,”
But Hannah thought differently and repeated: “Booly Wooly.”
Well… now what? Avoiding an endless discussion grandma Gonnie admitted: “You’re right, but it’s an Akaija too.”
Now Hannah was prepared to give in partly and since then she mentions this jewel: “Booly-Wooly-Akaija-too”.

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Hanke (& kids): The Akaija protects against too many stimulants (silver Akaija)

I still experience the benefits of it. Sometimes I have to put it off. I’m very sensitive, especially for the moods and emotions of others. The Akaija protects me against too many of such stimulants. Sometimes I want to feel all this again. It makes me softer and more tolerant. But when I then wear it again I feel stronger, more steady, and less sensitive for emotions that are not mine.
The kids wear their Akaija’s with pleasure, especially the oldest wears it day and night, the other 2 sometimes put it off. I explained to them that they can decide whether or not to wear it that day and so they do! Their reactions were until now: warm, strong and ‘not at this moment’. They control meticulous where it is when they put it away. With my oldest daughter I see: more steady, more balanced, more cheerful, calmer and better assisting me with the small tasks in and around home. This can be caused partly by the summer holidays as well, but I’m convinced something really has changed.

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Hubertine: Lifelong she had cold hands and feet. No more! (silver Akaija)

I would like to share my findings about the Akaija-pendant.
I have been wearing it continually for about one month now. Even at night and while taking a shower. At first my hands started tingling, but now they always have a normal temperature. This never happened to me before. All my life I have suffered cold hands and feet. Not anymore. My headaches, often migraine attacks, are as good as over. According to the doctors this migraine was related to my hormone levels, so usually shortly before my period. Now, around this period, I only have a light headache, which is a major improvement.
Meanwhile my neighbour also has an Akaija and I hope for her that the pendant will do the same as it does for me. My life is now a whole lot more pleasant, for which my warm and sincere thanks. I’m very happy with my Akaija pendant and can recommend one to everyone. It’s a healing and beautiful jewel. With kind regards, Hubertine

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Joshua: hasn’t been agressive at all! (NL, age 7, silver Akaija)

Josh is very open, very cute, always there when there’s a laugh or for trouble. He can is quick tempered and doesn’t withdraw when there’s a fight with ‘big’ boys. He bangs them simple as it is, isn’t afraid of no one. No matter how small he is, he takes on a threatening posture and does what he promised to do (banging).
Since wearing the Akaija he hasn’t been agressive anymore. He now tells his mother that talking too can do the trick. (she has told him so for years, but with no result).

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Kathrin: I enjoy my Akaija very much (D, silver Akaija)

He make me feel good, gives me energy to see things like I wish… and when I don’t wear it in the morning it keeps calling for me 😉
The Akaija suits me in another way, becasue I’ve always felt ‘different’, and my road is a special one… This way has been very tough for a long time, but since I know my husband it’s easy going – because we both are different, and we learn to know many people who are different too – and meanwhile we learn that many many others are different and live in another reality than (still) most of the people 🙂
The Akaija makes it easier going for me, to be myself, to experience my being and to walk my path. THANKS to you both and to Linda!

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Lya: I’m very grateful for Linda to give us this (NL, silver Akaija)

My first acquaintance with the Akaija was enough to buy it right away. I held this jewel in my hand, though it was still attached to a chain around someone’s neck and felt a light tingling. That was enough: I also had financial problems at the time, so I could not really afford an Akaija. I did buy one for my daughters birthday as a present. But it wasn’t her birthday until another 4 weeks, so meanwhile I had it.
First I got queasy, dizzy… and in no time that all disappeared and I feel good, wonderful and I didn’t take it off anymore. In fact it gets better and therefore I decided to buy another one, now for my daughter. Yes, I kept the other one.
Meanwhile I get questions and remarks from people that I have such a lovely and special pendant, and they ask how I got it. When I tell them what the Akaija accomplishes they stare at me in surprise. So I explain to them about the energies starting to flow again. What more do we want! I know your girlfriend Linda passed the Akaija on to you, and I am very thankful to her for giving us such a wonderful gift. I wish you good luck. A warm, loving greeting from Lya.

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Michelle: We need a huge Akaija in front of the White House! (USA, silver Akaija)

Michelle Anne Cox-Lomas

Michelle Anne

Michelle Ann Cox Lomas is a professional astrologer and psychic, who owns a website dedicated to astrology. A few days after receiving her Akaija’s she emailed several reports about her findings. Here’s a summary of her texts…

Since putting the Akaija on a beautiful sterling silver chain and wearing it for about 3 days and nights now – I’ve noticed that I feel much more balanced. I am constantly multi-tasking with so much that I am doing, so much that I have on my to-do list, and so many other ideas that pop up into my mind and heart – and on most days I accomplish a great deal but I also feel overwhelmed. Since wearing the Akaija…I feel totally CALM. I can still do what I need to do but I am able to express myself with even more ‘calm’ creative freedom. I’ve found that what usually overwhelms me…doesn’t now.In your information package you wrote about how the energy flows ‘with’ us and not against us. Yes, this is absolutely true! I can verify that! I feel totally connected in love, peace, and total joy!When I need energy…it is there. When I need to ‘choose’ to be calm…I am being guided to do that. I’ve been sleeping better and accomplishing more– I feel safe with Life and the Universal Energies and all is well!It’s amazing…totally amazing!

Can you imagine how wonderfully balanced our world would be IF everyone was wearing one? Then everyone would finally want to cooperate with each other, have compassion for each other, feel better about themselves, and understand what WE really means! I get it…I totally, totally get it.

Can you imagine too (if money wasn’t an issue) if you could create a HUGE, HUGE, HUGE silver statue of an Akaija. Here in the USA they really would benefit by having one on the White House Lawn! But since you can’t really do that…WE can visualize one being there and anywhere where we know they need peace and balance in our world. This is a wonderful meditation that, at least, you and I and your special spiritual friends who understand can do together. 🙂

I LOVE MY AKAIJA…I feel calm, balanced, positively motivated, and able to meditate better and hear my Higher Guides better too. My dreams have been very positive and vivid. It’s truly amazing. I don’t know how to explain it other than it’s spiritually MAGNIFIQUE.
I find that when around negative people, their attitudes, situations etc. I can be compassionate and intuitive without feeling like I am ‘absorbing’ their energy like a sponge. This has always been hard for me to do. If I
had a difficult client who’s life is always filled with so much chaos (which is his/her karma and not mine…all I can do is help them to see the bigger picture and give positive advice and insight) but often I was left feeling drained of my own positive energy. Now I feel like I have enough positive energy for even the most difficult client WITHOUT having my own positive energy taken away from me. This is a true blessing indeed!***

About 3/4s of a year later Michelle has a special update about her Akaija’s:
A Real Miracle in play since my son started wearing the Akaija…

I want to tell you that both my son and my daughter have been getting many compliments on the Akaija’s that they are both
wearing. I’ve personally noticed how their energy has become more confident, creative and vibrant since wearing them. You’ll also find it interesting to note that my son (he’s 29 years old) has had a severe back problem for many years and his Doctor had him on a weekly shot called Embroil (I don’t think I spelled that right) which helps with the pain but also has some side effects that have always worried me (such as severely lowering the immune system in a negative way).

WELL…here’s the GOOD NEWS…A Real Miracle in play since he started wearing the Akaija…

He went back to his Doctor to see if he could stop the weekly shots and if there is another alternative for him because he doesn’t want to be on these shots for the rest of his life and he’s worried about his immune system and the damage that this stuff can do to his liver.

His Doctor took new x-rays…and low and behold… the degenerative disc issue has begun to heal itself in miraculous ways!
His Doctor said:
“Yes, you can stop the shots now…you don’t need them anymore…God must really be on your side because this is a miracle! I’ve never seen a degenerative disc issue like yours ever begin to heal itself!”

He’s been feeling so much better! His faith is stronger, his confidence is stronger and he even got a new promotion to a management position at work (he works in marketing in Oregon).

I attribute all of his healing success to both the healing/protective energy of the Akaija AND to the fact that when Christine visited me at Christmas time and I gave her ‘my’ Akaija…I then began to wear the bigger Akaija myself until the time when Nick came to visit me in June.
I took it right off of myself and put it on him and he’s been wearing it ever since.

Amazing! Miraculous!

I just had to let you know! 🙂

He’s been back to his good old self taking long walks, climbing the hills of Oregon, and he even did some water-skiing without any pain AT ALL!

With both your gifts and Marianne’s loving healing energies – the work that you both do IS MAKING A MIRACULOUS DIFFERENCE! xoxoxo

Later addition: His back problem came from a DNA – heritage – type of situation (his Dad has it, his Grandfather on his Dad’s side has it) and yet…Nick is healing so completely. So, there is something even more miraculous going on!! Maybe it’s not for us to totally understand, just a marvelous sign, from Nick’s story and others you have talked to, that miracles DO HAPPEN and we should just be grateful (and ohhh how grateful we are) accept the situation and pass on the GOOD NEWS! God sure does work in mysterious and miraculous ways! Amen, Amen, Amen! Namaste’!

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Marco: The Akaija is like an anchor to me (NL, silver Akaija)

After wearing the Akaija for a month I would like to share my experiences so far. By first contact I didn’t feel any special powers, but I liked the design, thinking of it as special, so graceful. Only after the positive experiences of Cleo (his friend, mentioned above) I wanted to have an Akaija myself. I hardly have any physical complaints, but I hoped to get some emotional strength from the Akaija. The first few days I believed to be more self-conscious and assertive. By thinking of the Akaija I felt more self-confident. While getting used to wearing the Akaija this feeling shifted to the background. But through this I have the feeling the Akaija is like an anchor to me, letting me know I too am a special person and that I should take care of this myself. Physically I didn’t notice anything, though since a few days my eyes are very tired. I hope the Akaija doesn’t cause this. Maybe I’m too down-to-earth to feel big effects, but I’m very happy with this beautiful jewel non-the less.

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Marianne: insensitive spot on my back started to dissappear (NL, silver Akaija)

Her whole life she has a large area the size of two hands in the middle of her back that is numb.
“You can prick me there, pinch, squeeze, whatever, but it hardly hurts. It doesn’t bother me, I’m used to it,” she explains. I’ve tried all Akaija’s, the silver, golden and the bronze one, but because I did so many things and I feel well, it is hard to tell exactly what the Akaija does for me. But this is remarkable. After wearing the bronze Akaija for about two weeks, this numb spot has decreased in size to about the size of two thumbs wide. She had her feeling back nearly everywhere, which she never had.
Since Marianne is my partner (Wim, I’m the maker of the Akaija), we experiment a lot with the Akaija. Marianne exchanged the bronze Akaija for the silver one, and later for a golden one, and again for the bronze one. A half a year of experimenting we can safely conclude that the numb spot did not disappear completely, but also that it hasn’t increased back to the size it once was. It now remains the size it is: about 2 of 3 inches in diameter.

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Marianne 2: Feels much merrier (NL, silver Akaija)

She definitely feels less tired. But added to this must be said she receives treatments from Marianne (1) with a StarLight (electro-acupuncture). She had a so-called spin-inversion that didn’t come back (asa usual with the Akaija).
Remarkable too is that always the corners of her month were pointing downward, no smily face. Since she has the Akaija she feels much more joyful and she says that, to get the corners down, the has to force them with her fingers. She just can’t stop smiling. She just feels more cheerful and her month shows this!

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Marion 1: My blood pressure stabalised (NL, silver Akaija)

As promised I will share with you my experiences with the Akaija. I’m very happy with it, its very beautiful. When I held it between my hands for the very first time, I could very much feel the energy radiation. In the beginning I didn’t wear the Akaija constantly, so that I could get used to it gradually. After about one week I started wearing it day and night. Only when it was too much for me I sometimes put it aside.
All in all it makes me feel calmer and easier going. Despite all that I have to face momentarily. New life. New home. New town. More work, etc. My blood pressure has stabilised. Sleeping is still somewhat less, but that too will be fine in a while. For the rest I didn’t notice much the working, at least nothing vehement. Though I think that by wearing the Akaija I can summon the energy to go continue when things get tough and seem to be against me. I also took the Akaija to my nature therapist to let him check it out. He concluded that it indeed gives off energy, however he says that silver in principle only takes energy. Well, that’s it in short.

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Marion 2: No stomach, head and backaches anymore (NL, silver Akaija)

I opened the beautiful box, took it out… but felt nothing.
I put it on and after about 3 quarters of an hour the same eczema appeared around my eye that I have tried to get rid for more than a year already through using creams and ointments. It appeared vehemently, but didn’t itch or irritate. About one week later it disappeared completely. Since wearing the Akaija I feel calmer, and whatever others say or think (or gossip), it doesn’t effect me. This is something I have hoped for my whole life. That’s what the Akaija does for me. I wear it always. And my feminine experience: no stomach pains, head or back pains anymore during my period, for the first time in my life. So… thank you very much.

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Michel: Feels stronger than before (NL, silver Akaija)

Michel had complained of serious nausea for a long time. He has been undergoing treatments for this with the StarLight (he had a salmonella-measuring) about one and a half year ago. He now has been examined again and the salmonella frequencies were gone, but now a electron-spin-inversion was measured. This has been treated with the StarLight, but after one week he had it again. He got an Akaija and the next therapy session he had no spin-inversion anymore. His reaction: after having the Akaija for 4 days, all his complaints came back, but only for 1 day. After that all was gone. Though some months later he did suffer a minor lapse he now feels much more energetic than before. He really thinks this is caused by the Akaija.

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Monique: No migraine and stomach aches (NL, golden Akaija)

I have been wearing the Akaija for 2 weeks now. Every time something bad is going to happen, a tingling passes through my right leg. I also got queasy the first day. The skin on my head was full of eczema. I have had many problems with my ex-husband, for 7 seven years now. All have been resolved. Also this week is my period, but I still haven’t had any migraine, also no stomach pain, that usually occurs 4 days ahead! What else can I use the Akaija for? Do you need a special chain length? I’m a psychic, sensitive through feeling, hearing, seeing, and smelling.
(Wim’s answer: No special length of chain is required. Simply take the length and material that suites you best.)

Note: We now know about 5 women who have had life long severe menstrual complaints during their period, and who have been relieved from these complaints almost completely since wearing the Akaija. Interesting to know is that Linda, who inspired Wim in making the Akaija, also badly suffered from this.

Marlaine: The Akaija helps keep my energy balanced (Australia, silver)

Marlaine is an experienced energy healer, past-life therapist, hypnotherapist and also a psychic medium. She lives in  Sydney, Australia. Her reaction to the Akaija was a classical one, starting with some issues resurfacing…
Her websites can be accessed through this link

The first day of wearing the Akaija I felt dizzy, had a headache and was very short tempered but slept so well; the second day I could only wear it for a few hours and still had a headache; third day a lot of negative memories about my ex-husband came up; after day 4 I have been able to wear the Akaija with no problems, in fact I don’t feel balanced unless I am wearing it.
(And in a later email she wrote ) The first few days of wearing my Akaija brought up some old feelings that were buried, but now I feel great and it is the first thing I put on in the morning. It doesn’t affect my work with my clients, rather it helps keep my energy balanced, so the client has a better healing or reading. I will be recommending the Akaija to my colleagues and clients.

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Olaf: My body lets me know faster what’s good for me (A, silver Akaija)

Olaf is a therapist in Austria.
Just a short note from me in Austria… I’m doing very well, and the Akaija too is to ‘blame’ for this, haha…. I notice that ‘things’ around me start to flow more gently and that my body lets me know faster when I do something that isn’t good for me. Then I immediately get a signal from my body (sore throat, headache, slime in my lungs, etc). Really cool! I wear it almost day and night and I think that he also works very well during the treatments I give (spiritual surgery, Reiki)… it just goes faster and easier!
Warm greetings from Vienna

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Pascale: My life is gaining momentum (NL, silver Akaija and read Wim’s Book ‘The Lady of the Rings’)

Pascale is a Child & Youth therapist with her own practice called Prascana. She trains children to believe in their own power and helps them to develop a positive self image.
I would like to share this…
Since 2 weeks now I wear an Akaija pendant and it seems like my life is gaining momentum. My practice suddenly is filled with clients. Also many special things and chances are presented to me. I’m curious what more will come my way.

image of Pascale's catsAt the moment I’m reading you exciting book ‘The Lady of the Rings’ and I saw photographs of your cats (who play a role in the book) Liselle and Charonna on the website. The funny thing is that I have too quite the same cats. One is a Maine Coon who behaves like a king (just like Liselle). We call him King Milo. And the black cat, whose mother died at young age, was raised with the bottle (just like Charonna). This cat too is afraid of white jackets and strange people.

And… just like your cats did, they fight with each other. You can guess who is the boss. I just like to share this and added a picture.

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Peter 1: Has more attention for his surroundings (PDD NOS, golden Akaija)

Peter has a certain kind of depressions. He has many problems at his work. He always blames others and doesn’t see his own share in it. He thinks he’s the patient and the world is turning around him. For the first time we witness him talking very openly feeling so emotionally and that he has to cry a lot. He now investigates his own share in the troubles has (at work, in his relation, etc.) He has more attention for what happening around him

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Peter 2: Was addicted to the strongest pain killers (B, golden Akaija)

My wife and my two sons all wear one, and with great results I must say.
I’m a healing master and treat many patients every week, and I would advise the Akaija to all my patients, because I think it is a supplementing and permanent strengthening after a chakra/aura healing.

I’m quite sensitive for negative energies and often feel a bit depressed by this. Thanks to the Akaija this has dissapeared completely, not suddenly, but slowly. I also made much improvement with my fysical pains. I had 3 surgeries in my back due to accidents, all-in-all 20 fractures and I was addicted to the heaviest pain killers.

Now I’m almost a year without medication and I am, considering my situation, in top condition. The healings I give are more powerful, people sense this very well after the treatments. To me this is still amazing!

My wife suffers life long painfull complaints during her period (really bad).
Thanks to the Akaija she’s now hardly bothered by this anymore, super!
She isn’t very spiritually minded, but her objections have changed now.
My sons don’t have learning problems anymore and are full of self-confidence. The youngest studies Latin and had results around 83%, super! His motivation to study is changed slowly, because I let them do what they like, shaping their own lifes. I don’t push them in a certain direction.
The oldest is the best of his class in electricity and is deeply motivated.

I could go on mentioning changes in positive sense (my intuition has approved a lot).

So you understand that we are enthousiasctic about the Akaija. Let’s just say that we are very grateful.
My wish is that all wearing an Akaija, may experience the same effects like we have.

Regards, Peter

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Ria: Large dose consumer of pain-killers (NL, silver Akaija)

Let me tell you how I experienced the Akaija. A few hours after I started wearing it, my blood started to pulsate. l literally felt it streaming through my veins. I have always had high blood pressure. Suddenly this has gone. Congestion in my legs, cold upper legs and hips. These now are nicely warm. Later on blood started to pulsate in my head. I suffered badly from severe headaches, not anymore. At night I sleep deeply now, whereas before I needed to get up every night, to go the toilet and to drink. Now I go to bed and I wake up with the alarm. The first days I was really tired. Yes… I went through some changes! Now I only can say, I feel good, very good. Thank you very much!

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Sunita: It’s like magic! (India, golden Akaija)

Kapil tells about his mother Sunita in Jaipur, India:
“My Mother is very happy and active after wearing Akaija. At first she feel some pain and old pain and lazyness, so she stopped wearing it. After two three days she tried it again. This time nothing she feel. After this she again leave it. And three days later she again wear it and then after she is more active and happy and energetic. It is some magic. She and we all can feel the difference. My mother says Thank you to you for your Akaija.”
Now she wear it 24 Hours.”

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Tessa: I can stand on one leg again! (UK, silver Akaija)

Hi Wim,
We have a question… both my husband and I are wondering how you say the word Akaija… ???  If there is a way you can let us know!
I have had mine on now for about ten days, and one very noticeable happening is my balance… to give an example, standing on one leg !! which I used to have no problem with, after I broke my wrist about three years ago, good balnce was gone… it is now restored… yeah !   and, of course, that has a much wider big positive than standing on one leg !! And last night I had just got into bed, and was settling down…. and what was like a bolt of white light descended  into my third eye… I ‘saw’ it and felt it…. I heard myself say  WHAT WAS THAT …   have you had any other feed back similar to this ?? Would be intersting if you have. I have not experienced anything quite like that before.
Look forward to hear from you
Happy day from a gloriously snowy sunny scotland,  Tess

Note 1 from Wim: When we were in Vanuatu, and we visited the island Aneityum, Ruben, the holy man and storyteller taught us the original way ‚Akaija’ should be spoken. And that is a littlebit different from what we use: They say it like ‘Akahdjah’. So with the ‚ah’ sounds, but the ‚ija’ sounds like ‚djah’. The accent lies on the the second ‚ah’
Note 2 from Wim: The third eye flash… we have heard about related incidents a few times before.
I remember one man saying that he could suddenly know for sure whom of his collegues were honest to him and who were not. I assume this is related to a better functioning third eye. And one woman got her Akaija from a friend, she put it on for the first time while sitting in the car and immediately she fainted and heard a voice in her head loudly saying something like: „Finally we can reach you”. It was the start of her being clear voyant, so she said week later.
I’m convinced that the Akaija doesn’t open the third eye when this isn’t destined to be. Maybe the arrival of the Akaija marks the moment that someone is ready to accept a new energy or ability… whatever this may be. That’s one of the things it does: opening meridians, deblocking obstructions, strengthening the colors of your aura. Something like this may be the result.

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Thalessa: I’ve become a different woman. I have energy! (NL, silver Akaija)

I had some residual complaints from my burnout, like a lack of energy, no energy or the will to do things, tired and a lack of concentration. I received an explanation about the jewel and a silver Akaija, that I should wear non-stop for 3 weeks to see any results. After 2 days I noticed I had more energy, that made me feel better as a whole. After 1 week I felt much better and had more energy and it was continually expanding. Now after 3 weeks I feel so much better that it is hard to believe that 3 weeks ago I barely could do anything. I’m happy being another person. I have energy to do nice things. And this all because of such a beautiful jewel.
Remark from Wim (the maker of the Akaija): It’s no ‘must’ to wear the Akaija non-stop for 3 weeks. Sometimes however the Akaija starts certain processes like detoxification, that are better finished as fast as possible. But some people react so strongly to the Akaija that we advise: don’t overdo it. Listen to your instinct, try to wear it as much as possible, but be sensible about this. If you experience strong reactions and wonder if you should go on… try wearing it only during the night, or only during the day, or only for a few hours a day.

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Timo: I’m impressed! (Naturopath, NL, silver Akaija)

Till last week I’ve never heard about your AKAIJA (a few times seen the spiral shape in a magazine), but now a patient of mine in my VEGA Bioresonance Practise had one with her. As usual all jewellery and watches are put aside, so the results during measuring aren’t influenced. All kinds of energy related test items were not really good, of at least showed no improvement of the readings, but then the Akaija was placed on the device and immediately all readings suddenly increased. Apparantly this spiral has a frequency that must be healing. We were impressed of these changes. Besides this I could see that the Biological Index with the use of the spiral showed considerable improvement (an index that locates the spot of health and the affected body tissues and allocates a number to make it visible.

I’m impressed with this. Keep going on this way.

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Toos: The Akaija drove me mad at first (NL, silver & golden Akaija)

She says that at first the Akaija drove her mad. Every old complaint she ever had came back, but they occurred one by one. First her appendix troubled her (Marianne, the therapist, recently diagnosed her and found a vibration of appendicitis, though it didn’t make her sick). After that one of her hands started aching (in the past she barely could use this hand for a long time), after that her other hand began hurting and even become swollen. Her heart started aching (she has had open heart surgery). Then she was confronted with some emotional effects like loneliness. She tells that all these reaction were no fun, but that she was determined to continue and not to put away the Akaija (though she had some difficult moments). Al these complaints lasted only a few days before disappearing, and she says it made her stronger. She used to feel alone during the weekends, but now she was comfortable being on her own all weekend without being troubled by it and she feels very calm. She is now, through this, better suited to handle the problems than before.

Second experience from Toos, about 2 years later…
During an unexpected encounter with an ex-partner of mine I got extremely agitated and my heart was going wild, which is, with my medical history, really perilous. A friend of mine was there too and suddenly she said, looking at my Akaija, “Look at it!! It’s completely red!”
We went outside (also to get rid of this person asap) and there I could see with my own eyes that my Akaija was glowing bright red. I couldn’t believe my eyes!
It feels like the Akaija has protected me somehow from getting another heart attack. You might not believe this, but I know.
Remark of Wim, the maker: If this was the only incident about people telling us about their Akaija suddenly turning bright red for a brief time, I might refuse to believe this, but we have heard this before, also during a very intense moment for the person involved.

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Willy: Friends tested the Bovis-value of the Akaija (NL, silver Akaija)

When I received the Akaija I put it on a necklace. As mentioned on the phone I’m a Reiki master, so I was very curious. I liked it right away. Within 10 minutes I felt queasy and got a headache. The next day (at night) I put it away, sad and angry, felt headaches again and I could imagine not putting it on again. I didn’t give in to that and after a few days I felt better and better. This morning friends of mine working with ley-lines tested its Bovis-value. They found readings of over 85.000 Bovis, which is pretty high. They too were surprised, yet not really after looking at the fluent curves. Also they thought the Merkaba to be present within. The Merkaba represents the 2 worlds, here and above. According to them this is a constructive energy. Very beautiful. Many thanks for this beautiful jewel.

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Wim: Couldn’t sleep for 3 nights and days (NL, maker)

Normally I feel fit, having lots of energy and I can go on, working long days, even nights, without being bothered by a lack of sleep. I made many Akaija’s and people tell me the strangest experiences about it, but I never feel anything. Strange it is: I can make them, but feeling them… no way. That was… until I received the very first Akaija’s right from the casting company. After the casting still a lot of work has to be done, like grinding, sanding, polishing etc… A lot of handwork anyway. I started working on them for a whole day, and that night I couldn’t sleep. I felt uneasy, restless, and wondered what was going on. I bathed twice that night, thinking I could fall asleep afterwards, but no. Next day I resumed the finishing touches again and for some reason I didn’t feel tired at all. Next night the same thing happened all over again. No sleeping. And that day I wasn’t tired at all. So strange! And this happened for yet another night and day.
Finally I realised that the Akaija’s were causing this. We hadn’t had many reactions from Akaija-bearers yet, so it took some while before I knew what was going on. So many Akaija going through my hands! Apparently I got an overdose. Now I’m not experiencing any trouble sleeping again, but I still have lots of energy.

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Yeremy: More open and less anxious (NL, silver Akaija)

Yeremy is a very shy, very sensitive and Is een heel verlegen, zeer gevoelig and introverted kid. He’s pretty anxious for all that is strange and doesn’t like be the centre of the attention. He’s afraid of doing things alone. His reaction to the Akaija right from the start was that he slept better, which isn’t usual for him. He talk in his thoughts to the Akaija and says it helps him.
Last week he left the classroom before the end of the lesson because he had an appointment. Usually his mother needs to give the teacher a note, so she can tell Yeremy to pack his stuff during the break, so he can leave swiftly without drawing any attention. Now he did so without a note, without any help from his mother or his teacher.
Besides this he told during the group discussion that his cat had died and that he had been witnessing the passing of his cat. This isn’t the Yeremy we know, he usually doesn’t say anything during this conversation. His teacher says he’s more open and less anxious.

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Yolande: The Akaija helps her at night (NL, silver Akaija)

She doesn’t wear the Akaija because she’s very careful with it. She says the Akaija helps her at night and that she doesn’t need it during the day. The Akaija is beside her bed.

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Yvonne: It doesn’t help me (NL, silver Akaija)

Sometimes we get reactions from disappointed people. We wish this could be different, but this happens, and illustrates that all-in-all it’s not up to us to decide what the Akaija is going to do.
I have the Akaija now for almost a year and don’t notice anything of its working. I have hoped for some help from the Akaija after having had a bad brain stroke. Well, it didn’t work physically at all. Same for all my other complaints that I still have, and certainly didn’t subside. Also I couldn’t feel its temparature etc.
On the website I read that, when you don’t notice anything, it’s ‘meant to be’, but I think that rubbish. But it’s great that it helps others. Not me, as far as I’ve noticed. I also have been wearing it at night, but this too didn’t work the way I wanted.
I now wear it sometimes.

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Tell your experiences with the Akaija!

We appreciate it very much to hear your experiences with the Akaija. But we ask you to be honest about it, not to exaggerate or to withhold. Even if you haven’t noticed anything, we would like to hear this, because ALL information helps us to understand this special cosmic instrument/jewel better. We are gathering every bit of information, because the Akaija asks for a really different approach in understanding health, illnesses, traumata, energies and the healing related to this. An interesting remark we heard not so long ago (from Mr. Hilarion) is this one: “In the future you will regard your present day opinion about virusses and bacteria being the cause of illnesses, to be as outdated as you now think about the Middle-Aged opinion that the Earh was flat.”
The Akaija is one step on this road laying ahead of us.
Only if you agree we will publish your experience on the website. In that case we only need your first name for this.
We thank you for your messages and wish you well!

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