Vortex Vitalis

Ir. Frank Silvis has been working at Vitens (most important drinking water company in the Netherlands), of which 7 years in the management department Water fascinates him, because it is a very special element.

Partly caused by the publications of Schauberger and Emoto he started studying the vitality of water. According to him water stands for vitality, life force. To him water stands for vitality, life force. Imagine a mountain stream. And water appears to be a carrier of information.

Becauase we too a made of water for about 70%, it is logical that we too received lots of information through the air, the earth and the food. Sometimes this is positive for our body, sometimes negative. In his practise Vortex Vitalis Frank is determined to purify and harmonise this information.

In other words, his passion is to vitalise people and organisations

For advice and cleaning of water you can contact mr. Silver though his website Vortex Vitalis.

Wateronderzoek Vortex Vitalis

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