Questions & Answers

1. Why do people feel calmer wearing the Akaija?
2. How come my silver Akaija turns dull or black?
3. Why don’t I notice anything from the Akaija?
4. I get so tired of my Akaija. Is it good for me then?
5. Can I wear my Akaija with other jewels/stone, etc.?
6. Can my ill daughter borrow my Akaija?
7. Earth axis tilting, spin-inversion, Sacred Geometry?!
8. Why am I so tired? About defining your limits.
9. I see an upside down pentagram. Isn’t that a bad symbol?
10. How did the Akaija come into existence?
11. Has the Akaija been examined for its working?
12. Do you make every Akaija yourself?
13. Does the Akaija work on animals as well?
14. How about copyright of the name ‘Akaija’?
15. May I reproduce the Akaija?
16. Can I neutralize and ‘electron-spin-inversion’ myself?
17. How is the name ‘Akaija’ pronounced?

1. Why do people feel calmer wearing the Akaija?

This is hard to tell with certainty, but I have a theory about this…

Our friends in Australia, Jaap and Irma (Jaap designed this website) shared one day with us what they experienced in Australia. Sometimes they visit remote farms in the outback, that aren’t connected to the local electricity grid. Instead these farms use solar power, based on direct current instead of alternating current with an alternating frequency. It came to their mind that on these farms there was such a quiet atmosphere. It ‘felt’ different there, more calm. Jaap and Irma themselves also live pretty secluded, but do have a connection to the power grid. However, sometimes this falters and they lose power. One day there wasn’t electricity during a whole day. By the end of that day they felt strangely good, like they had a long rest, just like on these farms. They considered this very remarkable.

What we think is that the Akaija gives you this same calmness. Everywhere in Europe and everywhere in the so-called civilised world the ether is disturbed by frequencies related to electro-magnetism caused by the ever-present power grid. These vibrations reach over long distances and melt together with each other, building one big blanket, covering vast continents. This is called electro smog.

Since mobile communication has taken such a giant leap, many GSM and UTMS antennas add their own networks, all sending a variety of pulsating frequencies into the ether. Governments declare these networks to be safe for our health, probably because this involves a multi billion-dollar business. Besides that we surround ourselves with increasing numbers of electric devices, among which computers with wireless connections.

So we’re exposed to an abundance of unnatural frequencies and more are added every day. All these frequencies affect our health and we aren’t even aware of them anymore. Only when we go far away from civilisation can we feel the quiet vibrations of nature. However, even from outer space we are bombarded by frequencies of satellite communication. So where can we hide?

Compare this with the water of an indoor swimming pool early in the morning. This water is completely quiet, flat like a mirror. You can clearly determine every fine detail on the bottom. When you slightly stir the water with one finger, from that point concentric circles start spreading all over the pool. Add more fingers around the swimming pool and the surface becomes more and more disturbed. Circles collide into one another and there the ripples are twice as high, so-called hot spots. The whole pool is disturbed and the bottom is now invisible.

When people with an Akaija tell us they feel more calm, we presume that this is related to the fact that the Akaija restores our connection with the cosmos and with Earth’s oscillating field (the Shumann frequency). These are our sources of life energy that are overpowered by the strong electromagnetic disturbances. We loose the connection with ‘above’ (the bottom is invisible) and our body acts out of tune. Scientific research has proven that people living day and night in a cage of Faraday, without a watch to check the hour, not seeing daylight, after a few days develop an out of sync sleeping pattern. This is because they are disconnected from Earth’s basic frequencies. In remote area’s where the blanket of electro smog is hardly present – on mountaintops without antennas, at sea, on the plains, in reservations – the atmosphere is quiet. There you come to rest, there you can meditate and be in silence again, feeling connected.

The Akaija renews your connection with this ‘Field’. Your life energy is renewed and supplemented, your energy system starts flowing again and you are less sensitive to disturbances, like electro smog. The Akaija doesn’t neutralise this radiation, but strengthens your energy field, connecting you once again. It’s not to be expected that we can do much against the influence of so many billions of dollars related to telecommunication. And the electric power grid will still be necessary for a while. But it would be interesting to sketch a future in which we again feel closely connected to the cosmos, to our life sources. Then we as a civilisation will really take a step forward, instead of being expelled even more from paradise.

The Akaija helps you. It’s a jewel from the Light world.

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2. How come my silver Akaija turns dull or black ?

We have had quite a lot of questions from people whose Akaija turned to black. The Akaija is made of first proof silver, meaning that it contains 92,5 % silver. This is the standard for silver jewellery. The 7,5% other metals are for sturdiness and strength of the metal, because pure silver is very soft. By the way: in the Akaija no nickle or cadmium is used.
Besides this, since last year every Akaija gets a very thin rhodium-layer. Rhodium also is a precious (and expensive) metal. It’s commonly used on nearly all silver jewellery and gives a shining finish, protecting it better against scratches, and against dulling or blackening of the silver.
A silver polisher of the Royal Queen’s Palace in The Hague, Netherlands, once told that, when snow has been falling in winter, silver turns black very easily, causing him to spend many extra hours cleaning. Funny, but he could know.

But there may be reasons for the Akaija (even with the rhodium finish) turning black. The Akaija is capable of absorbing energies, positive as well as negative energies, somewhat like crystals do.

One cause can be warm and sweaty weather, but there are other causes that you probably don’t expect…

But keep in mind that the information given here is not scientific, but based on our findings, your stories and experiences. Meanwhile more than 2500 Akaija’s are circulating and we’ve got many reactions.

There are certain types of people who seem to be extra sensitive in causing their Akaija to turn dull, or black, or even yellow:
-people under stress, or with ever present trauma’s (like mourning).
-people living or working in electromagnetic polluted environments, caused by f.e. high-voltage power lines, railways, computers, DECT-phones, UMTS/GSM antennas, etc. The Akaija, laying in front of an monitor screen (no LCD) turns dull in just a few days. So you don’t even need to wear it.
-people using a lots (and certain kinds) of medication.
-people addicted to alcohol, sigarettes, etc.
-depressed people (but often these people drink and smoke more. No prejudice about this, but it’s simply a fact in many cases, and very understandable. Everything is connected.
-sensitive people, sometimes with psychic abilities, vulnerable to ‘attacks’, because they don’t know yet how to protect themselves.

The Akaija is trying to protect you against these influences, because it ‘sucks in’ energies, transforms them, and sends them away harmlessly. At the same time your energy system is strengthened, preventing negative energies to get to you.

Normally spoken the dull look can be cleared away with a bit of silver polish on a cotton or woolen thread. Move the thread through Akaija back and forth (maybe you need a ‘third’ hand or foot for this) to clean he inside.
In rare cases even this isn’t enough, because ‘it’ (the colour, the energy) has gone inside the metal. It sounds strange, but I seen one such Akaija myself. A man, drinking and smoking a lot (4-6 beers a day average) for years, showed his Akaija to me. It was yellow! Not a little yellow, but more yellow than a golden Akaija beside it. At home I tried to get rid of it, using a polishing machine and polishing agents for several minutes, but I saw no effect at all! Apparently the yellow ‘stuff’ had soaken the Akaija. This stuff could be nicotine, or could be gal, from the galbladder/liver, because the liver is the organ that tries to keep you clean from any poison in your body, like sigarettes, alcohol, chemo, stress, medications, etc.
We’ve given him a new Akaija that turns yellow too, but much more slowly. We’ve heard this a few more times, but I’ve not seen these Akaija myself.
The golden Akaija doesn’t seem to get dull. We’ve never heard about this.

This typical behaviour of the Akaija is part of his working. He protects you if necessary against ‘negative’ energies. For it is not only a jewel, but a healing device, a cosmic tool to help you.

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3. Why don’t I notice anything from the Akaija?

Not everyone will notice the healing powers of the Akaija. For this several arguments should be taken into account.

When not suffering from a headache, yet swallowing an aspirin, you will not notice the working of the aspirin. In other words, when people feel healthy, when their energy system works well, they may not notice the working of the Akaija. But what these people tell us is that they feel attracted to it and appreciate its design. Besides that, it will still give you protection, even if you don’t notice this. In other words: the Akaija keeps your energy system going.

One other reason that the Akaija doesn’t work the way one would like it to work, whilst it’s owner may be very ill, can be that the Akaija is not supposed to work, or only in a specific way. This is a bold statement, that we certainly don’t want to use as an excuse to someone who says that his or her Akaija isn’t working. Maybe we raised certain expectations by all this information.
The thought from which we speak is this one:
We are on Earth to follow lessons, taking part in one big school of life, and certain illnesses can be part of the teaching package. Our guardian angels in the Spirit World are what they’re called: guardians. They protect us; stand guard for us, which also means they take care that we follow the road of life as planned. Our life plan, our lesson-package sometimes holds certain problems, diseases that we are to overcome, or at least to learn from. This has to do with the reason we came into this life, what we want to learn, like conquering fear, accepting what comes your way, learning how to deal with… Our guardian angel takes care that the Akaija is not in conflict with this plan and in such a situation you won’t even notice it. But on the other hand, the Akaija can also be part of this plan, giving you enlightment at the right time, in the right way. And then it will be hard for you to avoid it. That’s how things work.

An often heard statement is that one ‘felt very much attracted to the Akaija’, when he or she saw an Akaija for the very first time. The Akaija made a lasting impression in their mind. If you had this feeling when seeing an Akaija for the first time, you can be sure a soft impulse was given to you by… your guardian angel? The Akaija is not just another jewel… it is made to help us, to enlighten us.
Several times, by different psychics, we have been told that the Akaija is very much appreciated by our guardian angels as a tool to assist and protect us. Therefore the Akaija never comes your way by accident. But… you’re always free to decide what you do with what is presented to you.

This is a complicated matter, dealing with the purpose of our life on Earth, the meaning of illness, even death, and the bigger picture behind all this: growth in consciousness… and Love. I mention this here in only a few sentences and in fact one could write a book about this topic. Which in fact I have done already when telling the story of my love Linda and how the Akaija came into existence. So if you have questions or wish to talk about this don’t hesitate to get into contact with us.

Note for the pessimists among us: Don’t conclude that if you don’t notice the working of your Akaija, that this means you suffer a ‘bad’ disease. Or, if your Akaija has been crushed under a table-leg, then this Akaija wasn’t meant for you. Indeed this may sometimes point to the fact that you don’t need the Akaija anymore or that it already has done its job for you, for whatever reason. But… maybe it’s just that you should take better care of it, keeping it with you instead of putting it everywhere. 🙂
In other words… don’t generalise, but keep thinking and feeling.

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4. I get so tired of my Akaija. Is it good for me then?

Several people told us they got extremely tired from the moment they received an Akaija. A very friendly, hard working lady who couldn’t afford staying off work ill, told me on the phone that she could hardly stay awake during the first week she had an Akaija. She could only do two things: working and sleeping, her eyes kept closing even during daytime. After that week she was fed up with it and put the Akaija aside.

Fascinating is that people mentioning this type of reactions all seem to be very hard-working, are under a lot of stress and are not eager to take time for themselves.

This effect of the Akaija is called regulation. The Akaija opens, clears and regenerates the energy-pathways. Compare this to the blood circulation. People with narrow energy-pathways don’t have much energy. They will notice that wearing an Akaija gives them more energy. When, on the other hand, people push their body to the limits and continue to do so, not listening to signals telling them to slow down, doing what their body asks them to do, they force their energy paths to open and thus can go on by pure will power. This behaviour is ruining ones health and over time causes permanent changes in the energy pathways. The Akaija restores these changes, re-routing if necessary the pathways. For starters these people will notice that they need a lot of sleep.

If you don’t want this, then we can only tell you: “Don’t wear an Akaija”.

By the way: a few weeks after the phone conversation with the woman mentioned above she has been out of the running for more than a month. Things had just got too much for her…

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5. Can I wear my Akaija with other jewels/stone, etc.?

The Akaija opens a pathway to the surrounding energy field. This energy flows like water, clears out blockages, regulates, etc. In our opinion this more like complements other jewels and stones people wear, instead of causing a conflict.
But…  when you wear a lot of different rings, stones, pendants and then add the Akaija, you may discover that you are overdoing it, and you may get tired because of all processes that you’ve started and asked for. That one stone may help you to detoxificate, that other pendant might be magnetic.. That ring with the special stone may bring memories of Atlantis back to you. The bracelet is for your protection. It can be too much for you. So try to listen to what your body is telling you. Don’t be afraid not to wear the Akaija, of one of the other tools, don’t even be afraid of wearing none of them, or all together. Do like a child… we have heard parents tell us that children make no problem of  when to wear the Akaija. They simply say in the morning: “Today I don’t need this.” And the next day: “Today he wants to be with me.”

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6. Can my ill daughter borrow my Akaija?

Of course it’s your own decision, but if you ask our advise we will say ‘no, better not’.

Your Akaija is personal. Wenn you have been wearing your Akaija for a while and you temporarily give it to someone else, chances are that it will still work well, but when you get it back after days or weeks or even months, you will probably notice that it doesn’t work anymore like it did before. It doesn’t suit you anymore. We now have heard this from several people who did it and summarized their remarks are like: “It doesn’t feel like mine anymore”, “It feels like dead weight around my neck”, “It doesn’t work anymore”, …

Why this is the case is hard to tell at the moment. Probably it has something to do with our guardian angels and guides. They take care of you, and make sure that you are presented with something that helps you, because they know that it’s for your well being. If you then give it away…

But also realise this: when you have something that you cherish… and you see someone in need, and decide that you want to help them… that’s an act of Love. That’s never wrong. So that might the reason that for the one in need this Akaija will do it work well.

By the way… don’t be afraid that your Akaija will not work anymore when you give it in hands of someone else just to show it to them so they can see and maybe even feel its working. This will not affect the Akaija. As far as we know almost everyone does that.

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7. Earth axis tilting, spin-inversion, Sacred Geometry?!

What’s got that to do with the Akaija?

aurahealerThe Akaija came into existence because of some ‘futile’ question I was asking myself…

It was about half a year after the passing away of my beloved friend Linda and I just started painting with my airbrush again, my favorite hobby. Besides that I was already fascinated by spirals and vortexes for a long time. I just completed a painting, titled ‘Aurahealer’ (see picture) and I had this itchy feeling… something’s missing. The problem I was thinking of was that spirals have an inward moving ‘line’ OR an outward moving ‘line’. But for some reason I tought: both movements should be present at the same time. A vortex is in fact a spiral too, but in 3-dimensional state, so the inward moving line is moving up or down at the same time. Now… how could both energy-lines (inward and outward) be present at the same time? When you simple cause a spiraling line to move on from inward to outward, then the lines will cross each other and that didn’t feel right. I was playing with iron wires to visualise this and suddenly I came up with a strange rotating/tumbling movement. I held this tiny figure against the light and made a sketch of it that I used to paint on the painting with gold leafs. That symbol was the ‘primeval’ Akaija, though we did not have a name at that time. We simply called it ‘inversion symbol’.

At that time I wasn’t a goldsmith so it lasted about two years before I was able to (and thought of) making this symbol for real in silver. Meanwhile we had discovered that this painting had a powerful influence on several types of electro-acupuncture.

In short: the Akaija represents a cosmic/geometrical principle.

This principle is: Inversion
For example: inversion of rotation, like inversion of a spiraling movement… but also of the rotation of cosmic bodies, like planets. Picture in your mind the planet Earth, as seen from a distance. Every 24 hours the Earth completes one rotation, called a day. The Sun rises in the East and sets in the West.
When the Earth would tumble over its rotational axis, the North Pole would become the South Pole and vice versa. After that the Sun would rise in the West and set in the East. In fact you call this a spin-inversion of the planet Earth. Such tumbling over happens while the Earth still is rotating around it’s normal axis.
To prevent confusion: this process is not the same as polar shifting, where the magnetic north pole moves southward. This is an rotational axis-inversion.

The Hopi Indians, the Maya’s and Nostradame by the way have predicted that something like this could happen in the near future, and it seems to have happened more than once in Earth’s history. These prophecies mention 3 days of darkness during this event. And that could be right, because…
Let’s say that the North Pole is tumbling over towards the Sun, then part of the nothern hemisphere would be in bright daylight for about 2 to 3 days, and parts of the southern hemisphere would be in darkness for about 2 to 3 days, given that(!)…. the completion of the tumbling process will not take longer than this time-period. Other parts of the world would experience an irregular day-night rythm. It is not necessary for the Earth to come to a full stop and then start turning the other way. Such a process would require immense amounts of energy and would be catastrophic for all life on Earth, because it would take many years to complete. An axis invsersion during the rotating wouldn’t require that much energy, because the rotation speed is not influenced at all. But of course such an event for not pass by unnoticed.

Starting from the point what is well known in physics about electron-spin-inversions (on a very small, atomic scale), namely that such inversions can only be caused by very strong electro-magnetic fields (EMF), one would wonder which force in the Universe would be powerful enough to cause the Earth to tumble over. That’s hard to tell, but maybe this could be caused by the solar wind, that is released by the Sun containing huge amounts of energy. The Sun’s behaviour is rapidly becoming erratic so close to the year 2012. The Sun is close to a new era. The Mayans knew this and their entire calendar is based upon the separately rotating Sun’s magnetic fields, who behave like a biorythmic clock. A second cause could be our enormous increase in the use of electricity (high voltage powerlines) and mobile phoning (countless numbers of GSM/UMTS antennae). Who shall say?

AkaijaNow something strange can be noticed in the inversion of rotating bodies…

From a cosmic viewpoint there’s no up or down. When seeing the Earth from high above the North Pole she turns ClockWise. But seen from high above the South Pole she turns Counter ClockWise. So our Earth holds both movements at the same time. Her movement is relative to the viewpoint of the observer. This too is a cosmic principle namely: duality. It is like yin-ying, good-evil, light-dark,left-right, etc. No judgement should be made in these. It exists… it is. So inversion of the rotation axis is in fact an illusion. And yet… not entirely.

Now how does the Akaija fit in this context?
Looking at the picture of the Akaija you see a horizontal circle. This is the Equator. Seen from above (on the picture) a line separates upward from the circle, goes up, down, up again and fuses with the circle. Remember the characters and numbers of ‘Akaija’. The ‘K’ splits in two 1’s, or 11. The IJ (9 and 10) fuses into one single 1. Isn’t that a coincidence? But this line fuses… in opposite direction!
Now look at the Earth. Think of the Earth as being totally transparent… and on the Equator a very big and very bright lamp is placed. Follow the Earth’s movement and after 24 hours this lamp returns to the same location.
Now think of the Earth’s axis tumbling over, while it still rotates, in let’s say about two days. When you follow the lamp on its path you will discover that it describes a trajectory exactly like the Akaija.

The Akaija already has proven itself among many electro-acupuncturists using a device called the ‘StarLight’. Using this therapy (see a phenomena can be measured and treated that (within this therapy) is called electron-spin-inversion. This phenomena can be found by a rapidly increasing number of people (about 70% of the patients) and it is caused by electro-magnetic radiation. The symptoms are chronic fatigue, not getting up in the morning feeling quite rested, increasing sensitivity for about anything (people, t.v., computers, bright colours, sounds, all kinds of food, sometimes even thoughts from others, etc), adverse reactions to medicine, increasing allergies, etc.). All these reactions are caused by a seriously weakened aura, caused by this spin-inversion. Instead of energizing ones aura, it is weakened, because energy is drawn out from us on the atomic level. The aura is our energy field that protects us from the ‘outer world’. Everything that you sense with our senses, including the third eye or sixth sense, are impressions. When our aura is weakened all these impressions come to us unfiltered. This costs a lot of energy, and besides that we are vulnerable to ‘attacks’ (like entities) and so we get very tired. Under ideal circumstances (like on holiday in a natural environment: mountains, forests, sea) one could recover from this state of illness, because the bad influences of radiation are gone, and we get rest instead of extra work stress. But upon entering our radiation polluted environment we are back to where we came from.
The StarLight and the Akaija appear to help each other in these, because the StarLight can easily neutralise an electron-spin-inversion in living tissue, and the Akaija prevents it from happening again in almost every case. This statement is supported by many StarLight therapists in the Netherlands, and also a few in Germany, Switzerland and Norway.

Who knows… maybe the Akaija adds a tiny stone to keep our Earth straight up. Is that far fetched to think of? Well, maybe, but… one thing is sure: the message of the Akaija is a very loving one… ‘We are One’, and if there’s 1 force in the Universe that is capable of anything, it is the power of Love.

Who knows….

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8. Why am I so tired? About defining your limits.

During our conversations with people about the Akaija and their reactions and experiences to it, we notice that notable many people suffer from fatigue, or even chronic fatigue, having the feeling they are drained from their energy, notwithstanding that they are very sensitive and spiritual minded.

Being sensitive means to be more open to what is around us, for the world, for the people, and also for the ‘invisible’, for signals you receive. When you are aware of the needs of other people, you can put yourself in their place, you understand what bothers them, you understand their problems, their pains.

What happens next is that you are attractive to people who need attention and care. People with problems can talk to you about this, and during these conversations they feel better, because someone understands them, they find a hearing ear, a helping hand, a shoulder to cry on.

Someone with a problem, a sorrow, an illness, who needs to be cared for, thinks his/her problem is important. In their experience THEIR problem is the central issue. A patient is allowed to be egoistic, because he or she needs to get better. They, but in fact everyone, have the right to ask for help.

This is fine, as long as they don’t carry their quest for help too far. They need to know what their limits are. They usually don’t know this, so this needs to be made clear to them by others.

Defining your limits this is called, and especially sensitive and spirituel people find this very hard. They sacrifice themselves for the benefit of others. “They need my help!” they say. “I have to do this!” “This ought to be done!” “Isn’t that the right thing to do?!”

Imagine f.e. that someone calls you with a problem that he or she is troubling with. You listen to their story, give some advices, sympathise with them… But after a while you notice that the other is pulling your attention. You want to stop this conversation, but you find yourself listening to ever more of the same. The other obviously notices that you’re done now, but he or she feels fine by this conversation, so the longer they can have your attention, your energy, the better they feel. This conversation feels good to them, because they are energised by it. They don’t feel so lonely anymore. But sometimes these people take it a big step beyond this and start threatening you with words like: “I need to be able to call you, because sometimes I don’t know what I’ll do to myself if I have no one to talk to.”

This behaviour is called ‘moral chantage’ (in Dutch, maybe in English there’s be better word for it). So they make you feel bad when you don’t act the way they wish.
And when you listen to this, they have you at their disposal.

When you’re helping people out of love, you pass on energy/love to the other. This energy you receive from Above, from your guardian angels, and they get it from… The Almighty One, the Universal Source, God, Allah….
Love flows… and flows… such is her nature. You can’t possess Love, you can’t command Love.

But your guardian angels know exactly when to stop, when enough is enough. When you then continue, then from this moment on you’ll be on your own in giving energy. You’ll notice this because you feel “Now’s the time to stop. I’m done for now.” You get tired. You can’t focus your attention anymore. Maybe you have an appointment planned in the next hour or so, or you had something in mind that you want to do next.

When you don’t listen to this inner voice saying ‘enough is enough’, and you keep going, thinking that the other’s problem is your problem, that you have to do this. Maybe you cancel an appointment, or change your plans. You start to wriggle in turns… to keep on helping, you keep on giving energy, you keep listening… and there you go beyond your limits.
But now you use your own energy and not the energy that was given to you by your guardian angel. Your guardian angel knows exactly what is good for you, keeps in mind what is important for you! You have your life, and your life is important too!
Of course there are execptions, emergencies, etc… but if such is the case, then you’ll know. Sometimes the situation justifies extra help. And in such a case you’ll receive all the help from your guides that is needed.

Normally it’s not meant for you to sacrifice yourself. Their problem is their responsibility, not yours! Because when you’ve drained yourself completely for the sake of a few, you’re exhausted, and you’re of no use to others that might need some of your attention. On the contrary… when giving all your energy away, you might get yourself in trouble and then you need the help from others! Was that your aim?

In the therapists’ world there’s a word for this: the Social Worker’s Syndrome. Sometimes people speak of a so-called ‘hole’ in your aura, through which your energy flows away. What it means is that you’re unprotected. Everyone can steal your energy, enter your aura. You don’t protect yourself. Sometimes you might even experience entities, so-called ‘hitch-hikers’ trying to feed on you. Where are your borders? Where are your limits?

Now… what can you do about this?

The answer is really simple in fact:
1. Stay alert.
2. Conquer your fear.

You don’t need to brood about all the difficult things that need you need to do, medications, therapies, etc. What it’s all about it that you learn about the moment that you cross you limits. When someone contacts you, visits you, calls you, wanting to speak to you about his or her problems… and you have time and oppertunity to listen… then listen! Give this person all your attention. But there is a moment when enough is enough (as we say in Holland). You can sense this moment. When you’re sensitive, you can! That’s being alert.

Can you remember situations, conversations, when at a certain moment you started to lose attention, when afterwards you felt terribly tired, etc.? What did you do? Did you continue to pay attention, despite your feeling to break it of now. Why didn’t you continue this conversation? Why did you pay this person a visit, knowing that you had another appointment, knowing that you needed to go to bed, knowing that you were supposed to do something else, even if it was just to relax, take a bath, go for a walk, watch that t.v. series,… Did you have to step in the breach? Was this really the best solution? Maybe… I can’t make the decision for you. Or… was it your fear to say ‘no’. Or… was it your ego, saying how good you help others? Or… is this your pattern your whole life… always doing as you’re told, without standing up for yourself?

That usually is where fear comes into action. Fear for what the other may tell or think of you. Fear to be disapproved of. Fear not to be a dear and nice (wo)man. In fact this has nothing to do with helping others, but with your own fear.
Become aware! Look at all these situations you crossed your limits. Don’t silently blame the other for this… but look what you can do to prevent them from doing so.
Once you are aware of what’s happening… then you automatically know what you need to do.

It will not be easy in the beginning, but once you conquer your fears, you become stronger. Maybe you make mistakes, being to harsh, maybe you stumble several times, maybe you wait too long, or take the wrong action… never mind. Keep looking. Stay at peace.

Someone who is mentally strong, firm in his or her shoes, is an example for others, is able to help others, without losing him/herself in the process.

Now… why do I tell you this story?

During our conversations, on the phone, during expo’s/fairs, in e-mails, we’ve noticed that by some of these people the Akaija doesn’t seem to work as expected. Remarkable however is that the (e-mail)conversation often has this as a fundamental topic. So… is the Akaija involved in this somehow? It seems that these people sometimes are even more confronted with this problem than before.

What the Akaija does is to strengthen your energy system, making it going, restoring the flow. The result can be that you suddenly remember what it was like, how you used to feel, having more energy, feeling stronger, more aware of yourself… because somewhere you’ve lost track, lost your energy, lost yourself.
But if you keep on giving all your energy away, this renewed feeling won’t last for long. Because… if you always give your energy away, forgetting about your limits, then first something has to change… in you! The Akaija confronts you with this, by remembering you about how you used to feel. Reminding you of your… blueprint. What’s more… don’t be surprised that the Akaija may cause you to feel even more tired than before. It makes you aware of what you’re doing!

The real change has to take place within yourself. Your guardian angel really is your guide, showing you the way. He or she brings the Akaija on your way… trying to restore your energy, causing you to remember… wishing you will well again.

So now you need to make a change. As Michael Jackson said: Make that change !

‘We’ wish you all the best.

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9. I see an upside down pentagram. Isn’t that a bad symbol?

pentagram illustrationsIndeed you can find this symbol in the Akaija, as well as the ‘normal’ symbol: the pentagram with one point facing up and two down. In fact… on the box and on nearly all our advertisements we use a symbol that looks a bit like the pentagram with 2 points facing up. Strange thing however was… when I pictured the Akaija with one point facing up (which is the way the Akaija is made to be as a pendant) then it felt wrong. But… the picture of the Akaija with one point up is the way you wear it, but with the one point facing down is the way it’s been used in photographs. But what’s going on with this particular symbol… the pentagram… some people link it to questionable groups etc.

There’s a reason for this (to make clear that the Akaija is a universal symbol, holding both pentagrams, not only one).
Symbols and numbers aren’t guilty of what they are. It’s humans who judge. The number 13 is said to be a number of bad luck, but in reality it is a number that represents transformation, leaving behing the ‘old’ because you have grown beyond it. Therefore in the Hebrew language it is a number of maturity. It just depends on what you want to see in it.
Another example: take a look at the Holy Cross that’s always used in Christian Religion. Originally it is a symbol of Love, the self-sacrificing of Jezus for the good of mankind. But because of all crusade’s, the burning of witches, the inquisitions, the christianization of Indians, Aboriginals, etc, often with a Cross in the lead, saying they act in the name of God… this holy Cross also has gotten somewhat of a nasty taste. This cross now is being used by several churches all over the world, but they do not ‘own’ this cross. Jezus wasn’t Catholic, Methodist or Anglican minded, or whatever religion you may think of. By his non-judgement, his unconditional Love he has made the cross on which he died a symbol of Universal Love.

The pentagram also has such a history. Originally it is an essential symbol in the Sacred Geometry, consisting of only lines that represent the Phi-ratio, and this Golden Mean Ratio is a fundamental principle in Cosmic Creation. Read the books of f.e. Drunvalo Melchizedek, or Bob Frissel (“Nothing in this book is true, but it’s exactly as how things are”).

Besides that, the pentagram is in fact a 3-dimensional symbol, and when you then take a closer look, you will discover that when you tilt the 3-dimensional ‘upside-down’ pentagram just a little towards you, a symbol is revealed that is nothing less than a Heart, protected by the circle of ‘We’.

That symbol has been given to me by Linda, but in fact to us all, saying: Your Heart is Protected! The Akaija has both symbols, both pentragrams in it, depending on how you look at it. Now if that isn’t a symbol of Universal Love…

Strange when of you think about it, isn’t it? Because certain forces ‘took’ this powerful symbol, used it for their own support, it got a questionable name. That way the healing powers within it are now concealed. Christian people, at least in the Netherlands and Germany, are very much afraid of it, saying it is evil. But is the symbol itself an evil thing?

When you look at the images on the left, you will see that both the single Akaija and the double Akaija-Iloa represent the pentagram.
So… maybe now is time to show it, and make clear what it’s all about: Universal Love. We are One. And isn’t it so that ‘We’ stands for ‘everyone’… the holy man, but also the evil man, the saint, but also the murderer, the child, the victim, the bird above your head, the tree in your garden, your father who is not longer among us, the Aboriginal, the Indian, the Tutsi, the Hutu, the Iraqui, the Afghan, the American… but… also you… with all your good and your bad qualities.

It just depends on what you want to see.

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10. How did the Akaija come into existence?

I (Wim) have written a book about this, called ‘Kiezen voor Vrije Keuze’, meaning ‘Opting for Freedom of Choice’. This story tells about our remarkable journey, starting with Linda’s extreme difficult illness, the encouters we had with a light being called Amà, and also about Linda’s past life that came to life in her present life. After she died Linda and Wim we were given a beautiful contact, resulting in the making of inspired art and jewellery.

Should you wish to read it… send us an email ( and ask for it. You’ll then get a 2Mb PDF file top open on your computer or e-reader.

It’s written in a very intimate style, and people just love it or dislike it. You’ll find out for yourself. To get you into the mood I’ll copy a fragment of it here.The stone circle was the basis from where Linda could start travels. I once had heard something about cosmic birds, so I contacted one of these birds in my mind and asked him to come to Linda’s stone circle. And there he came: a huge bird circling high above the stones. But coming closer he seemed to shrink and when he landed he folded his wings and didn’t seem that big anymore. He had a very friendly face and was eager to take Linda to wherever she, or we, wanted to go. So one time they flew of over the sea and I asked him if he could travel backwards in time, to the ancient continent Atlantis.

There she was awaited by an Atlantean priest in an orange dress, with an Egyptian Ankh who gave her a special treatment using the Ankh as a means to remove negative energies, cancer cells and pain. The priest gave her a special crystal, that she could keep in her hand, but when she laid on her back and put the crystal on her belly, then the crystal would levitate and grow very big, like a powerful healing stone, harmonising energies.

Also she went to other planets, one of which was inhabited by some kind of grey coloured panthers, who gave her information about their way of living.

Was it all our fantasy? Well… for us it certainly was no fantasy. Amá gave us so much love, and company that we were enlightened and very happy while she was present. Even afterwards… her love carried us through a big part of the day. I’ve never experienced so much Love, and I’ve hardly ever felt Linda being so happy. Was that all pure fantasy? I don’t think so. Fantasies don’t give you THAT special feeling of Love and Happiness.!

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11. Has the Akaija been examined for its working?

Yes, in more than one way.
The Akaija has been examined in the laboratory of Masaru Emoto in Liechtenstein, Europe. Masaru is the man who photographs watercrystals at the precise in-between moment of freezing and defreezing water. Water appears to remember information and the crystals are reacting to this information. A bottle of water that was placed between two speakers and has been ‘listening’ to music of Strauss, Bach or Rachmaninov produces much more beautiful crystals than water that has been listening to certain kinds of agressive ‘modern’ music. The most beautiful crsytals emerge when water has been ‘programmed’ with the words Love and Gratitude.

Masaru has set himself a goal, which is to convince the entire world, especcially the children, that what we think and say is influencing all life around us. He asked f.e. a group of children to store two sealed jars with cooked rice. To the first jar they daily had to say nasty things like “I hate you. You’re terrible”, etc. To the second jar they had to say nice things like “I love you. You’re so good. You’re beautiful.” After a few weeks the first jar contained mouldy mess, but in the second jar the rice had fermented. When you know this and then think of us human being composed of about 70% water….

The silver and the golden Akaija have been examined by Masaru’s laboratory. The pictures that came out of this investigation are very beautiful and though we would like to publish these on the website we will not do so, because we have decided not to sign the contract with Hado Life Europa, which is needed for this. The financial consequences were too big.
But if you want to see these pictures please send us an email, and we will send you the pictures, so you can see for yourself.

For more information about Masaru Emoto’s watercrystals, please visit the website of Hado Life Europe:

Secondly, the Akaija has been scientifically tested by the IGEF. That story can be read here…

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12. Do you make every Akaija yourself?

I’ve tried ! When we started with the Akaija (end 2005) I’ve made dozens of Akaija’s out of molten silver. I thought I had the time to do so and we were experimenting a lot to check if the Akaija really was what it seemed to be. This consumed many hours per Akaija, but that didn’t bother me. I saw it as a good training to become a silversmith, because in fact I was educated to be a teacher and becoming a silversmith was… er… that was  Linda’s idea, after she died 😉

I used her heritage to buy me the tools and materials a silversmith needs. Maybe when I’ve would have had a thorough education I would have found easier ways to have the Akaija produced in larger quantities, but apparently this was not my way to follow. So it took me several month to fnd out that normally when you want to reproduce a jewel, you go to a casting company.

But when we started asking these companies to do the job for us, we discovered that they had immense problems with this, by the looks of it, simple design. Endresult… after 6 casting companies and 2 dental laboratories, we’ve found 1 company that could do proper casting, with a good quality, but the next problem was the finishing… making a shining bright silver or gold jewel out of a rough cast object.

The first 1000 Akaija’s I’ve done all by hand, month after month. And again… I needed to learn something… because I was not going to be able to do this the rest of my live and be happy with it, not being able to do anything else anymore. That was the time that we discovered that we needed to find a permanent solution. We’ve found this solution in India, where we contacted several companies, and we have been there 2 times already, to meet the people, to see and ‘feel’ the companies, and of course to discus the work. We’re not ready yet, the manufacturing of the Akaija is a lot more difficult than we, and every company we’ve met, expected it to be.

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13. Does the Akaija work on animals?

Indeed!!! We have really good experiences with animals (cats, dogs and horses), though not many yet.

In fact we should put this question in the experiences-page, and probably this will be done anyway, but it’s interesting to mention it here for now.
We’d already heard that cats can react ‘strange’ to people with an Akaija. A woman told us that she used to visit a friend of hers, one with a cat. Always as soon as soon as she entered her friends home the cat took of, not to be seen again. This cat simply didn’t like her, or whatever. But when she showed up with the Akaija for the first time, the cat sat down on the floor in front of her and stared at her for minutes, like frozen on the spot. Her friend remarked ‘Well, that’s weird behaviour for my cat!’ Finally, after minutes, the cat turned around, walked a few steps, and then stopped, sat again and stared for another while.

Story like this we’ve heard more than once. Funny too is that cats like to play with the Akaija around the neck of its owner. But… cats are easily amused by hanging and dangling objects (as I can tell, because I love cats), but when horses start acting this way…
In the Netherlands there are certain area’s along the rivers, floodlands you can call them, in winters they are flooded by high waters in the rivers. These lands are natural parks and the government has allowed these lands to be used for wild horses (a Polish breed) to live on. People can walk there and sometimes see these horses from far. This man had bought an Akaija a few weeks before and while he was walking alone there, he was approached by number of these horses. They came directly in front of him, and licked where his Akaija was hanging! ‘It was such a strange experience!” he said. After a few minutes the horses simply took of, leaving him alone, standing surprised by what happened to him.

Because we have so many positive reactions to the Akaija we thought that maybe the Akaija is very useful for horses, so in 2007 we started an experiment.
We had contacted a few horse owners, asking them if they were willing to share their experiences with their horses and the Akaija.
One of these, a young woman, had 2 horses. Her horses got the Akaija attached to their halter. She later told that one of the horses needed only 5 minutes to find out that something-strange had happened and immediately started rubbing and rolling, and managed in no-time to crush the Akaija. The other horse needed more time (24 hours), but as soon as it knew why she felt differently, that Akaija too was crushed. So much for the experiment.

Another woman owned 3 horses. One pretty young horse, one old one with several health problems, and one adult horse, but little bad tempered, because of bad treatment in his youth. The younger horse didn’t get an Akaija, because she was healthy. The other two got an Akaija. But the owner, careful as she is with her horses, first asked the horses if they would be willing to do this experiment, in the hope it would do them good. So they started the experiment together.
First thing she noticed after a few days was that the young horse was jealous. All day long she was licking the skin around the Akaija’s by the other horses. So after one week we decided to send another Akaija and then all was very well, because the young one was striding through the pasture with an air of “I too have an Akaija!”. This behaviour was very remarkable.

Something else that she noticed during the first days, was that the skin of the older horse, around the Akaija, was much warmer than usual, easily noticeable with her hands. We have heard this more often, also from people, that the skin can feel warm around the Akaija, and that other people can feel this too. Sometimes (in rare cases) the skin even can be red, and the Akaija can feel like burning hot (without really being hot!)

Like with people, sometimes (not always) the Akaija starts processes indicating that ‘things’ are being worked out. So with the horses. The older horse had one day that it couldn’t get on his feet. The owner wasn’t alarmed, because she already knew that nature is the best healer, and the next day the horse good stand again. There also was a small wound on one the legs from which oozed pus for several days. It wasn’t infected, she said, it only needed to be kept clean and she felt as if this was part of a healing process, detoxification.
The 3rd horse, being treated bad in her past, appeared to be much better to handle since it had an Akaija.

At this very moment we are in contact with a woman in the Netherlands who treats small children with autism. Also some kind of behavioural problems. The Akaija seems (!! we are not sure yet, because we only have a very few cases) that these children get help through the Akaija to be more friendly, open, and more communicating. Maybe the Akaija is doing something that causes certain problems, physical and/or behavioural, to be relieved in some way. Children… horses… adults… we’re all one!
About the horses, the owner said that it took several weeks to see really important changes, but that over the weeks and months, there was a constant line of improvement by all the horses.

But… if you use your Akaija for horse… please communicate with your horse first. Explain what you’re going to do. Otherwise your horse will notice something has changed, he/she doens’t understand this… and will get it off asap.

At the moment (one of my present activities, Spring 2008) is to develop a rubber donutshape tool, in which an Akaija can be hanging. The donut-shape protects the Akaija against crushing, and the donut can be attached to a key-chain, or whatever seems fit, to attach to a halter. I already have a company to cast/make them for us, and we will make an appointment with this company to check the materials, etc. I might take a few months, but hopefully before the summer we have something useful for the Akaija and horses.

As far as dogs are concerned, we know of two sheepdogs who got an Akaija. Both the dogs are old and have had serious incontinence problems. Both dogs are said to be nearly free of complaints since they have an Akaija.

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14. Copyrights. What if I use ‘Akaija’ for my practice?

This means that ‘Akaija’ is officially registered as a brand. It also means that you’re not allowed to use the name Akaija without our written permission. Also all audio-visual information in whatever form are original. We are the legitimate creators and thus the ‘owners’ by law of this material.
Furthermore the design of the Akaija has internationally been registered.

Besides this there’s something else that’s important to know…

The Akaija symbol and the name ‘Akaija’ have been passed on to us from the Spirit World, by my passed girlfriend Linda. That is how we started this.
You’ll understand that were really impressed when we discovered what beautiful messages were hidden inside it. Not only to me, as a message from Linda, but also to every human being, to mankind, as a message from the Spirit World. When we discovered that ‘Akaija’ was hardly being used anywhere on the world at that time, exept in myths and legends and as a word for ‘We’ in the South Pacific, then we knew we could use this name, and we started advertising with and under this name.
Then we discovered something strange… Someone, who had bought an Akaija from us, only weeks later deposited the name ‘Akaija’ at the Dutch Chamber of Commerce, without informing us of this.
Sooner or later you have to wake up…
So, to prevent that other companies can forbid us using this name, by stealing it from us, registering it, and subsequently prosecuting us for using ‘their’ name (we live in a strange world :-), we’ve decided to register it internationally ourselves. So… with the R-sign we state that the name Akaija is not yours to start a commercial company with.

But… (here comes the ‘but…’ 🙂 when you consider about using Akaija for a certain spiritual goal, like a meditation group to mention one, feel free to contact us. Remember this: whatever you do, do so with pure intentions. We will not promise anything, but best you can do is: ask first. Be pure of mind.

We were given the name Akaija to carry a message in the world, to keep it pure, a message of ‘Oneness in We’ and we think it to be really important to be careful, sincere and righteous about everything we do regarding the Akaija and its name.

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15. And what if I wish to reproduce the Akaija?

Listen to your heart and be righteous in all that you do, also with this.

Earth laws can’t protect the Akaija against…

Cosmic laws function differently and ignore that what people call: yours/mine, ownership, possession, the law, the best, contracts,  agreements, black/white, advocates, etc. Contracts can be fooled with, and if someone wants to get around it, he or she will always find some way to bypass it. The Indians of North America have experienced what contracts can cause. Thousands were made, and signed, and thousands were violated by the ones who made them.

To be in harmony with cosmic laws you will need to start resonating with them, live by them and that means to ‘live from your heart’.

We can’t tell you here and now what you are allowed to do and what not. Because our answer can be different given the circumstances. What do you wish to accomplish? What are you aiming at? Why do you want this or that? How do you continue once you have started?
And even then we don’t have control over what you do after this. We will appreciate very much that you contact us with your questions and thoughts.

Our society stands on the eve of a new era. Maybe not as soon as 2012, but certainly within a short period of time, because the Earth is exhausted, caused by human greed. But that too is part of our way on Earth. Our inner knowledge tells us that old society standards, laws and concepts will not work in the future and that we, to be able to keep living together on this planet, need to evelop a new society living from the heart. Possession will be interpreted differently then and mutual respect will be the basis of all actions.

The Akaija is protected in this manner. We will not state that we do ‘it’ the right way all the time. We too have to learn from our mistakes, corrects errors, etc. Slowly along the road we start to understand which tasks has been laid upon us.

Then does this then mean you don’t get allowance to… whatever you plan to do?
Listen to your heart…

Our intention always is to be pure in all our actions. If we don’t do so, I expect that soon we will be on our own in these matters, being alone… and that’s not the road we want to follow.

After all… the Akaija stands for ‘we are one’?

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16. Can I neutralize an ‘electron-spin-inversion’ myself?

The Akaija protects people against electro-magnetic force fields (EMF). That has even been scientifically proven. Though the tests were very smallscale (we didn’t have the means for anything else), the results were impressive. Current scientific insights may not accept what is written below (yet)… but please hear me out and feel yourself if this answer makes sense to you. It was written in response to an email from someone living in the USA mentioning she’s very sensitive to EMF, people not understanding her when she tells that she can even feel energy fields around cell phones, wireless devices, high-voltage power lines, etc etc.

So this is what I replied, as her problem is not on its own. Countless numbers of people are suffering from this, and often are ridiculized by many medical institutions, sceptics, doctors, scientists and other people not listining to their hearts, but only to their ratio. To them I would like to say: please use both! Your Heart and your Ratio.

>>> Yes… that’s the problem often. People don’t see anything wrong about you, you look fine, act normal, so what can be wrong? And when you say you can feel EMF’s they say that you’re mental or at least they might think you are, as everyone uses cell phones and governments say that there’s nothing wrong, that  they are proven to be safe etc etc. I’ve heard an alternative and very experienced therapist sigh one day: EMF-related complaints might well grow to be Health Complaint Number 1 very soon. He reads lots of magazines and has seen many patients with this problem.

As you are sensitive to EMF there’s something you should know and that might (temporarily) help. It’s about reversing the spin-inversion. I don’t know if you have heard about ‘electron-spin-inversion‘ before, so maybe my words are unnecessary. But let me explain…

My love Marianne is a practicioner Biophoton-Therapy, using a special kind of electro-acupuncture. In her therapy treating patients with EMF-related complaints is quite common and her therapy has proven to be very succesful. For sure other therapies can be successful too, but I don’t know them all. For that you might want to visit Giligan Joy’s website about electrical sensitivity (link below this text). Many people in Europe are suffering from this. Because of Marianne coming into my life with her therapy (and the device that she uses), we started experimenting with my artwork (jewellery and paintings) seeing what influence it could have on her measurements with this device. That’s how one day we discovered the working of the Akaija.

Electron-spin-inversion usually occurs due to a combination of two factors: an already weakened energy system in combination with an electro-magnetic-forcefield that’s strong enough to overpower the person’s energyfield (or biofield). By the way… the Akaija was inspired by my deceased love Linda who was struck by lighting way back in 1983 while driving her car, and ever since she had increasing symtoms like chronic fatigue. She was very strong and energetic at that time, but a lightning strike is far too powerful for any person’s energyfield. During her lifetime ever after we’ve never found a remedy against this, not until a few months before her death in 2001, when Marianne for the first time came in our life knowing and telling the cause. Alas Linda was far too ill then to get better from the cancer she had developed, but that’s another story.

An electron-spin-inversion can now easily be neutralized by a short treatment with Marianne’s device. Should you be interested to know about a practioner in your neighborhood, please go to our links page for therapists who value the Akaija for its working.
Apart from neutralizing the spin-inversion, one’s energyfield needs to be strengthened, and because people suffering from it usually have developed chronic fatigue, allergies, over-sensitivities, etc… so their energy fields get weaker over time.
That’s where the Akaija comes in, supporting the energyfield and preventing the electron-spin-inversion from occuring again.

By the way… the Akaija is also used by many therapists during the short treatment against the spin-inversion. They used to take a droplet of blood, put it in the circuit of the therapy device, started a special program called ‘electron-spin-inversion-treatment’ while the patient holds 2 glass electrodes, wait 1,5 minutes, maybe repeat it just to be sure, and the spin-inversion is gone. At least for the moment.
And in the meantime they can start treating the patient’s other complaints.
But as long as a spin-inversion remains present, most of those patients are more or less therapy-resistent: medications and therapies have no or little effect, and in severe cases medications might even work adversely. This I’ve seen with Linda while she had cancer: painkillers caused pain to starts with, and sometimes then worked a little, but only for one or two hours the most. That was hell on Earth for her I can tell. So I’m sure that Linda inspired me to make the Akaija because she knows/knew exactly what so many people like you are now going through.

After the treatment wearing the Akaija is a very good means to prevent the electron-spin-inversion from occuring again.

So after you receive the Akaija (but you can try it out now too of course) it’s advised to try to neutralize the spin-inversion yourself by this simple technique:
1. Stand straight up on your feet.
2. Visualise yourself firmly grounded, connected to the Earth. For example: visualize a lightning rod from your base deep into the Earth.
Don’t spent minutes trying to visulise this, feeling unsure if you’re doing it right. Just think of that lightning rod (or whatever connection you’re thinking of being there, make no problem of it. Make fun while visualizing if you like, whatever :-).
2. Then place your right foot left of your left foot, toes pointing forward.
3. Stretch your arms in front of you, right arm over left arm, so that your handpalms face each other and let them touch each other.
4. Fold your fingers and move your folded hands downwards and bring them up close to your chest.
This is a funny position, and children often make fun with that, but don’t worry about it. You’re crossing your energy pathways this way and that’s what’s needed.
5. Now try to make a little space between your wrists and your chestbone.
6. Visualise good energy there in that space (bright-white energy, love-energy, pure energy, give it a name as long as it’s positive), which is powered by your heart energy field.
7. Then for example visualise a small white feather being moved on your breath between your heart and your wrists. Now breath through this visualised energy point just in front of your heart. Visualise that your heart powers your breath through this space.
7. Do that for 1 or 2 minutes, and repeat it a few times during the day. But don’t overdo it, that’s not necessary.

Chances are that you immediately after feel a little relieved, or a little better, stronger maybe.

What (hopefully) happened is that your gave yourself a boost of energy this way, which was needed to temporarily overrule the (possible) present spin-inversion.

Another way to achieve this might be going on vacation in a EMF-free, stressfree, enjoyable environment, supposedly somewhere in nature, where you feel comfortable, nice, happy, loving and/or be-loved, and so on. That too gives you energy (and much more! :-), but often this is hard for people to do, to pay for, to make time for, etc etc…

But the problem remains… as soon as you get back in the world of EMF, stress, problems, time-pressure, deadlines, all people, cellphones, emails, busy home situations, asking your attentionetc… the spin-inversion comes back as soon as you enter an EMF field that’s strong enough to overpower your own energy field.
But… when your energy levels have risen enough during the time you were free of the spin-inversion, then you’ll be stronger and better suited to withstand stronger EMF than before. That’s where the Akaija comes into play!

While wearing the Akaija… your energy field remains strong, because that’s the working of the Akaija!! So we advise to wear the Akaija in the first weeks as much as possible, especially during day time, so your energy field is allowed to gain strength again. And… get rid of all electronic devices in your sleeping room!!! You should sleep with no electric equipment around you. Put you cellphone at least 2 metres away. In earlier days there was one phone… somewhere downstairs. That was enough, wasn’t it?

I hope you can make use of it. Good luck!! And if you have time and energy… I would love to hear about your experiences with the Akaija.

Love, Wim

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How is the name Akaija pronounced?

For those who don’t know the story behind the word ‘akaija’… After talking about a name for the ‘inversion symbol’ that I had created, the mother of my deceased love Linda heard a sudden loud voice in her head saying ‘akaija’. This was in 2005. Checking the internet we discovered that this word is used on a tiny island called Aneityum in the Pacific Ocean, where this word means ‘we all’.

Depending on the country people pronounce ‘akaija’ like it is written. In polish it may sound like  ‘aka-i-ya’. In enlish it may sound like ‘akei-cha’. In my Dutch language we usually pronounce it as ‘aka-ya’.
But it would be best to go back to the roots, to Aneityum. So I’ve attached a short amateur video of Neriam Tamathui, one of the holy men and story tellers of this island, in conversation with us. He pronounces ‘akaija’ like ‘aka-dja’ (‘dja’ like in Djengis Kahn :-))

Meanwhile I’m more and more convinced that the name (and the symbol) are totally connected and that the word ‘akaija’ is related to the word Akasha (the cosmic database so to say), but also to the name Gaia. Because language is originally based on basic sounds, basic energies that are materialized in sounds. We all know the Aum-sound for certain meditations. So there’s Aa… Ak or Ka… Sha… etc. It is my believe that in essence there are 3 basic sounds in ‘Akaija’:
1. aaa as the basic sound, like aaauum.
2. kaa, which I consider an abrupt, splitting sound.
3. yaa or djaa or giaa, which I consider to be a fusing sound.
The symbol Akaija shows a ring, from which a spiral comes forth, going its own way, encircling the ring, to come back to and fuse with the ring. This is like our life on Earth: We come from the Spirit realm, live our life on Earth, and return to the Spirit realm. So aaa is the ring, ka is the splitting moment, and dja is the fusing moment. So we come from We, make our journey as I, and return to We, not getting lost, but being ‘We’. Consider the ring to be a vortex or spiral. There’s no end, we never reach the mathematical centre, which would stop movement. It’s infinite, every rotation the spiral returns on a higher frequency.
The Akaija-Iloa consists of 5 complete rings, or spirals, crossing each other and merging into each other, so one can effortlessly choose to step over into a different spiral. Maybe the 5 spirals are the 5 elements, earth, wood, metal, water and fire or eather, like in Traditional Chinese Medicine.
But as I said… this is just a thought/answer to an old question I have asked myself. For the moment this answer still resonates, but maybe in the future I might give a different answer.
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