Testimonials from people

The Akaija restores unity in all

Hubert, silver Akaija-Iloa

Many thanks for the beautiful gift. The Akaija really is capable of a lot! She repairs the constructs behind the holograms established a higher state of unity. It unravels paradoxes. The result is a state of balance in which all may be in unity. Therein it doesn’t matter if those holograms are about a personal, group or even bigger thing. The Akaija is a tool that restores unity in the most direct and complete way that I know of. She also works very precise – all that is touched is ‘healed’ completely. The Akaija (the higher beings behind) precisely indicate when enough is enough and when something needs to be continued at a later time. When I open myself to it, the Akaija works just as deeply on myself as to the subject of intention. Of course it couldn’t be else, as I’m part of the unity. Never before have I felt this so profoundly, a true blessing.