Testimonials from people

Couldn’t sleep for 3 nights and days

Wim (the maker), 50 silver Akaijas at once

Normally I feel fit, having lots of energy and I can go on, working long days, even nights, without being bothered by a lack of sleep. I made many Akaija’s and people tell me the strangest experiences about it, but I never feel anything. Strange it is: I can make them, but feeling them… no way. That was… until I received the very first Akaija’s right from the casting company. After the casting still a lot of work has to be done, like grinding, sanding, polishing etc… A lot of handwork anyway. I started working on them for a whole day, and that night I couldn’t sleep. I felt uneasy, restless, and wondered what was going on. I bathed twice that night, thinking I could fall asleep afterwards, but no. Next day I resumed the finishing touches again and for some reason I didn’t feel tired at all. Next night the same thing happened all over again. No sleeping. And that day I wasn’t tired at all. So strange! And this happened for yet another night and day.
Finally I realised that the Akaija’s were causing this. We hadn’t had many reactions from Akaija-bearers yet, so it took some while before I knew what was going on. So many Akaija going through my hands! Apparently I got an overdose. Now I’m not experiencing any trouble sleeping again, but I still have lots of energy.