Question and Answers

Has the Akaija been examined for its working?

Yes, in more than one way.
The Akaija has been examined in the laboratory of Masaru Emoto in Liechtenstein, Europe. Masaru is the man who photographs watercrystals at the precise in-between moment of freezing and defreezing water. Water appears to remember information and the crystals are reacting to this information. A bottle of water that was placed between two speakers and has been ‘listening’ to music of Strauss, Bach or Rachmaninov produces much more beautiful crystals than water that has been listening to certain kinds of agressive ‘modern’ music. The most beautiful crsytals emerge when water has been ‘programmed’ with the words Love and Gratitude.

Masaru has set himself a goal, which is to convince the entire world, especcially the children, that what we think and say is influencing all life around us. He asked f.e. a group of children to store two sealed jars with cooked rice. To the first jar they daily had to say nasty things like “I hate you. You’re terrible”, etc. To the second jar they had to say nice things like “I love you. You’re so good. You’re beautiful.” After a few weeks the first jar contained mouldy mess, but in the second jar the rice had fermented. When you know this and then think of us human being composed of about 70% water….

The silver and the golden Akaija have been examined by Masaru’s laboratory. The pictures that came out of this investigation are very beautiful and though we would like to publish these on the website we will not do so, because we have decided not to sign the contract with Hado Life Europa, which is needed for this. The financial consequences were too big.
But if you want to see these pictures please send us an email, and we will send you the pictures, so you can see for yourself.

For more information about Masaru Emoto’s watercrystals, please visit the website of Hado Life Europe:

Secondly, the Akaija has been scientifically tested by the IGEF. That story can be read here…