Question and Answers

How did the Akaija come into existence?

I (Wim) have written a book about this, called ‘Kiezen voor Vrije Keuze’, meaning ‘Opting for Freedom of Choice’. This story tells about our remarkable journey, starting with Linda’s extreme difficult illness, the encouters we had with a light being called Amà, and also about Linda’s past life that came to life in her present life. After she died Linda and Wim we were given a beautiful contact, resulting in the making of inspired art and jewellery.

Should you wish to read it… send us an email ( and ask for it. You’ll then get a 2Mb PDF file top open on your computer or e-reader.

It’s written in a very intimate style, and people just love it or dislike it. You’ll find out for yourself. To get you into the mood I’ll copy a fragment of it here.The stone circle was the basis from where Linda could start travels. I once had heard something about cosmic birds, so I contacted one of these birds in my mind and asked him to come to Linda’s stone circle. And there he came: a huge bird circling high above the stones. But coming closer he seemed to shrink and when he landed he folded his wings and didn’t seem that big anymore. He had a very friendly face and was eager to take Linda to wherever she, or we, wanted to go. So one time they flew of over the sea and I asked him if he could travel backwards in time, to the ancient continent Atlantis.

There she was awaited by an Atlantean priest in an orange dress, with an Egyptian Ankh who gave her a special treatment using the Ankh as a means to remove negative energies, cancer cells and pain. The priest gave her a special crystal, that she could keep in her hand, but when she laid on her back and put the crystal on her belly, then the crystal would levitate and grow very big, like a powerful healing stone, harmonising energies.

Also she went to other planets, one of which was inhabited by some kind of grey coloured panthers, who gave her information about their way of living.

Was it all our fantasy? Well… for us it certainly was no fantasy. Amá gave us so much love, and company that we were enlightened and very happy while she was present. Even afterwards… her love carried us through a big part of the day. I’ve never experienced so much Love, and I’ve hardly ever felt Linda being so happy. Was that all pure fantasy? I don’t think so. Fantasies don’t give you THAT special feeling of Love and Happiness.!