Electrosmog Research

Scientific reseach on the Akaija has been performed by the IGEF, the International Association for Electrosmog Research. In January 2012 they completed scientific tests on the working of the Akaija. This association has tested many instruments, tools and means that are on the market to protect against, or neutralize electrosmog. Electrosmog is a popular word for ElectroMagnetic Fields (EMF) and smoke/fog, to express that the abundance of EMF in modern civilisation is like an invisible fog surrounding us that can possibly interact with living beings.

Without the existence of EMF your cell phone as well as any electric device, will not work. But we too, as well as every living being, is dependent on electromagnetic fields. So you can imagine that there is a possible health hazard when we are exposed to artificially created EMF.

In fact there are many people worldwide suffering from EMF. I (Wim Roskam) have seen what EMF can do, because in 1985 Linda, my love who inspired me to make the Akaija, has been hit by a lightning strike while driving her car. Because of the Faraday Cage of her car she survived, but from then on the felt like paralyzed in the left half of her body for over half a year. Being a very energetic woman, this incident marked the start of her Chronic Fatigue, against which doctors and therapists couldn’t find a cure. She died from cervical cancer in 2001, age 47.
I tell you this to emphasize that I was very motivated to find anything that would have an effect against this.

The IGEF investigates devices that are expected to be effective to protect living beings against electrosmog. We have asked them to investigate the Akaija Normal, the Akaija Bold or B-type and the Akaija-Iloa.

Scientific testmethod used by the IGEF

This method makes use of the Heart rate variability scan. This method of testing is used by countless hospitals all over the world. The scientific basis for this is irrefutable. So it is not necessary anymore to do a double blind research, as the fundaments for this research have been laid long ago. After all… when you go to the hospital for a heart scan, you don’t want the specialist tell you that first you have to wait for a second testperson to do a double blind test before he can tell you the results.

Compare the heart rate variability, just for convenience, with an instrumental version of the oriental pulse diagnotics. A healthy heart can perform under all conditions, showing a dynamic graph of peaks and valleys. A heart under stress, cause for example by EMF, shows a much more flattened graph, indicating that such a heart has more trouble doing its job. Its kind of choked more or less.

The Normal and the Bold Akaija, as well as the Akaija Iloa, were tested during a short period of time on a group of 18 persons. In most cases the measurements were clearly better. Spoken in scientific terms it then can be said that wearing an Akaija gives a ‘significant improvement of the measured values’.

If you wish to read the entire report in PDF (alas only in German language), then please send us an email (atelier@akaija.com) using the contact page and we will send it to you.

Especially the emails from the researcher, mr. Wulf Dietrich Rose are very interesting to read, as these emails put the research in a broader context…

1st Email, prior to the study
“Because I wanted to experience myself the working of the Akaija with an open mind, I deliberately haven’t pre-read all the information that you’ve sent me and that is provided on the website. Therefore I was unprepared that, especially the Akaija-Iloa, (2.1 cm) would have such a strong effect on me, that I was totally overwhelmed. Only after 1 or 2 days of this (an old psychic trauma), the positive effect started to dominate.

When next I read that many experiences of users of the Akaija were available and I had learned that I had gone through similar mental and physical processes, it was clear to me what a valuable and useful development the Akaija really is.”

2nd Email, during the study

“The investigations are now in full swing, because we are testing with multiple Akaija’s at the same time.
The measurements were more extensive than we are accustomed to, because some of the results were so incredible, that we often had to repeat the measurements.
I’ve just completed a test series with a 75-year-old captain. This war-horse did not believe that wearing the Akaija (diameter 1.9 cm) could have the slightest effect on the adaptability of his heart under various conditions. Last week we conducted the first measurements under different stress conditions. Without the Akaija the measured values were between 40 and 60% of the possible 100%. In this situation 100% is the theoretical maximum value of the skill of the test subjects, to regulate the heart rate and adjust the autonomic nervous system to the stress caused by electro smog.
Next he worn the Akaija suspended on a cord almost continuously for 4 days. When we then repeated the measurements of his heart rate variability under the same stress situations, three of the readings were above 95%, and the remaining values were all above 90%.

Then he dismissed the Akaija and we repeated the measurements. All measurement values now were between 60 and 70%.

If I had not done these measurements myself, I wouldn’t have believed!

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