Question and Answers

About copyrights…

This means that ‘Akaija’ is officially registered as a brand. It also means that you’re not allowed to use the name Akaija without our written permission. Also all audio-visual information in whatever form are original. We are the legitimate creators and thus the ‘owners’ by law of this material.
Furthermore the design of the Akaija has internationally been registered.

Besides this there’s something else that’s important to know…

The Akaija symbol and the name ‘Akaija’ have been passed on to us from the Spirit World, by my passed girlfriend Linda. That is how we started this.
You’ll understand that were really impressed when we discovered what beautiful messages were hidden inside it. Not only to me, as a message from Linda, but also to every human being, to mankind, as a message from the Spirit World. When we discovered that ‘Akaija’ was hardly being used anywhere on the world at that time, exept in myths and legends and as a word for ‘We’ in the South Pacific, then we knew we could use this name, and we started advertising with and under this name.
Then we discovered something strange… Someone, who had bought an Akaija from us, only weeks later deposited the name ‘Akaija’ at the Dutch Chamber of Commerce, without informing us of this.
Sooner or later you have to wake up…
So, to prevent that other companies can forbid us using this name, by stealing it from us, registering it, and subsequently prosecuting us for using ‘their’ name (we live in a strange world :-), we’ve decided to register it internationally ourselves. So… with the R-sign we state that the name Akaija is not yours to start a commercial company with.

But… (here comes the ‘but…’ 🙂 when you consider about using Akaija for a certain spiritual goal, like a meditation group to mention one, feel free to contact us. Remember this: whatever you do, do so with pure intentions. We will not promise anything, but best you can do is: ask first. Be pure of mind.

We were given the name Akaija to carry a message in the world, to keep it pure, a message of ‘Oneness in We’ and we think it to be really important to be careful, sincere and righteous about everything we do regarding the Akaija and its name.