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Akaija means We are One

New discoveries and inventions and tools were and still are given to mankind, meant to help and support us. Often those tools are not understood by science, yet they appear to have some kind of healing power.




The Akaija is such a tool, seemingly simple. Yet the story behind it is very special and at this day that story is still enfolding, as new discoveries are made related to the Akaija and its meaning for the Earth.

!!! NEWS !!!

On Saturday, March 14th 2015 the entire island republich Vanuatu was severely hit by tropical cyclone ‘Pam’.

Eye Cyclone Pam About To Hit Aneityum

Eye Cyclone Pam About To Hit Aneityum

Use this link to visit the page on our website that will tell you about the latest news we get about Vanautu, and in particular… Aneityum.

(Saturday 21 March… still no communications with Aneityum…….)




Big article in Raum & Zeit, Ehlers Verlag, March 2015

RZ-Im Akaijaraum

RZ-Im Akaijaraum

TV recordings in Moscow (November 2014)

December 18, 2014 : Mistika.TV.


Summer Solstice in Arkaim with big Akaija!

Akaija !

Akaija !

Here you can read about our trip to Arkaim, the Stonehenge of Siberia, during Summer Solstice of 2014, with a very big Akaija

Visit the page here.

Bigsize Akaija finally ready !

BigSize Akaija

BigSize Akaija

On the 12th May of 2014 the first bigsize Akaija finally was completed. This Akaija was needed to come with us to Arkaim, the ancient ruins of a sacred place of power in the South of Siberia to celebrate Summer Solstice together with many thousands of Russians. The first reaction was: Wow…. what a power!

This Akaija was made by HTI-Ede (Huis-Tuin-Interieur) a Dutch company that a.o. specializes in dedicated garden furniture of stainless steel. This was a particularly difficult job because of the unusual mathamatic calculations because of the curved shapes/arcs. The final result is very satisfying for this prototype. We will offer such big Akaija’s for sale soon (contact us), for example for workshops and therapeutical activities. Visitors in the USA/Canada: good news… We have found someone who asked for a license to manufacture bigsize Akaija for the North American market. More news about the progress will follow soon.


2014: Series of 5 articles in Russian magazin Оракул (Oracle)

Oracul Interview closeupOracul (Oracul-Today) is Russian’s leading magazin for esoteric/spiritual minded people.
After the succesfull publication in the Polish magazine Nieznany Świat last year in 2013, we’ve met Tomasz, who was interested to promote the Akaija in Russia. He then contacted Olga, the chef from the redaction of Oracul.
Oracul (under the flag of Bauer Media) has about 540,000 readers, and then there are the submagazines, each counting 100,000 or more readers.
Our first meeting with Olga was such a pleasant one, and so convincing for all involved, that we were offered 5 instead of the expected single article. Apart from this ways were found to sell the Akaija in Russia, which, knowing Russia, is not an easy thing to accomplish. Andrey ( Андрей Явный ), an extremely wellknown Russian Shaman, is in charge of sales in Russia. So from now on Russian visitors can now order the Akaija inside Russia. Visit: Living outside Russia you can also choose visit our own webshop:

More news… it has been decided upon that during the Summer Solstice on June 21 – 2014, there will an Akaija-event in Arkaim. Oracul-readers will be notified through the magazin, but should you be interested to come… we will update you about this event on this website.
It’s located near the Kazachstan border, not ‘too far’ from Chelyabinsk :-). Well… it still is quite a ride from there.
Arkaim often is referred to as the ‘Russian Stonehenge’. Interesting is that Arkaim is on the exact same latitude as Stonehenge. It’s one of the prime locations of an old civilization in Kazachstan, a very special sacred site, drawing thousands of Russians each year to celebrate the 21st of June. So it’s a great honor to be invited for the event. Will then will bring a huge stainless steel Akaija with us that is now under construction. Also expected to be present is Eliza White Buffalo, about whom you can read on this website in relation to the Two Roads-symbool.
Vladimir Megre said: “Arkaim is not a city and not a temple. The part about the observatory is true, but that’s not the main thing here. Arkaim is an academy—that’s what it would be called today. It was in Arkaim that the teachers of the wise-men lived and worked. Here they engaged in research on the Universe; they also determined the interrelationship of celestial bodies and their influence on Man.Arkaim , Vladimir Megre, The New Civilization: Rites of Love.

May – June 2013: Big article in Raum und Zeit (Germany)

Raum & Zeit, Mai '13

The German magazine Raum und Zeit (Space and Time) published a big article about the Akaija in the May-June issue. It’s titled: “Akaija – We are One, eine Botschaft vom Ende der Welt” (a message from the end of the world)

Raum und Zeit is very well documented, scientifically minded and critical. They follow developments in the world with a critical ey, publishing what usuallly doesn’t get published in the mainstream media.

Here’s the link to Raum & Zeit

Here’s the link to the Akaija-article in Raum und Zeit (PDF, in German language).

April 2013: Big article in Nieznany Świat (Poland)

Frontpage Nieznany SwiatThe Polish magazine has published an extensive article about the Akaija.
Nieznany Świat is the biggest metaphysical magazine in Poland and very popular.
Furthermore, the owners of Nieznany Świat have asked us (Akaija & Art) to distribute the Akaija exclusively for Poland. Normally we wouldn’t do that so easily, but they have gone to great lenghts to make it possible, even building a website about the Akaija.

By the way… the frontpage of this issue is covered with ‘Blue Star’!, made by Wim :-)
The article is such a huge success in Poland, that we have problems with delivery of sufficient Akaija’s.

So… good news for all Polish visitors. If you’re considering buying an Akaija, then please go to !

Jeśli mieszkasz w Polsce, zajrzyj na stronę

Here’s the link to the article (PDF, polish language)

April 2013: Big article in Svjetlost Magazine, Croatia

Then we were in for another surprise, totally unexpected…. Our friend Igor Lah, from Zagreb, Croatia, has read the article about the Akaija and the Tipped Equator connection with the Pyramids and Easter Island. He decided not to tell us anything and succeeded in getting the article publish in Svjetlost magazine (‘svjetlost’ means ‘light’).

Frontpage March issue SvjetlostDobrodošli na svim hrvatskim posjetitelja.

Ovo je Wim Roskam. Molim te oprosti mi za moje vještine hrvatskom.
Ako želite naručiti Akaija, onda znajte ovo.
Dajemo svaki kupac popust hrvatske deset euro. Da bi taj posao, unesite “Mi smo jedno” kao popust kod tijekom provjera na našem web shopu:
Nadalje, budući da Hrvatska nije dio Europske unije (još), ne morate platiti 21% poreza na dodanu vrijednost nizozemski (PDV). Jao webshop izračunava ovo, pa vas molimo da nam vjerovati da ćemo nadoknaditi taj iznos na vas nakon toga.

Preuzmite cijeli članak

Here’s the link to the article (PDF, in Croatian language)



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